What adds to run at the start? Where to find ideas? Start-up buisness – help highly appreciated.

Hello, I’m a start up buisness – I produce hand-made vibrant clothes – in 100-200 usd price segment. It has good branding potential (according to me haha) in terms that this is unique high quality product (not some AliExpress drop shipping with 300% crap). But I have a dilemma.

I have my products in stock (not much, just enough to run mvp), and I have made shopify website – which looks quite decent in my biased opinion.

So next stop is adds – and that’s the toughest part for me.

First dilemma is how much effort I should initially put: should I just try to put out some kind of adds and than improve on them or strive for perfection from the get go.

Second dilemma is what platforms should I test from the start: im familiar with fb/inst so I’ll definitely start with them, should I consider other platforms or starting with one is alright?

Third dilemma is what kind of content to put in the adds? Should I go very creative with them or just have basic showcase of the product? How many different adds should I test from the start?

I’m willing to loose 3000-4000 usd on adds just to play with them and see if they work.

Thank you if you read until this point! Any input will be highly appreciated!

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