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I'm in the process of negotiating my first batch of inventory from my supplier. It's about €30k-€35k depending on how the negotiation goes. Let me share the background.

We're buying inventory to fulfil orders from our crowdfunding campaign, I.E. just 30 days of sales. Before the campaign, they quoted us a price of $74/ unit. The quote we got when we went to place the order, which was for over double the amount of units expected and accounted for in the first quote (we thought we'd order 300 units, we're now ordering 800 units) is $84/ unit. The first quote was about a year ago. They say that it's because of increased cost in raw materials (titanium), but the amount of material used per unit cost is not that highly increased.

We're not in a strong position to negotiate. We don't have any other alternative supplier (dumb, I know). The only things I see as our strengths is that we can push on the fact that we want to build a long-term relationship, and that this is just the first order of what can be many, for the right price.

I know for a fact that their manufacturing is far from max capacity, so the opportunity cost of working with us is basically 0 for them.

All negotiating goes over text (language barrier). What can I do to get the best price possible? I'd like to get back to the first quote, or slightly higher.

Thank you.

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