Any advice on raising funds, whether via friends/family or lending institutions?

My current situation is my new business has gained some traction. It has been in operation 4-5 months and have seen 50%+ MoM growth the last 3 months with a lot of my best sellers out of stock. Presales have helped but i've decided to stop running those and feel 'Back in stock' email notifications will put me in a better long term position.

I continue to run out of stock which is becoming a big problem and I can't imagine the sales and customers (20% returning customer rate) i'm losing everytime they come visit to see half my store sold out.

I have 'email me when back in stock' notifications set up and have had about 30-40 sign up in the last few days which looks positive but i can't help but feel i'm losing immediate sales and long term customers as well.

I'm at the point where i've tapped my own personal supply dry after loading up on inventory and am considering raising funds. I have worked through the numbers with my supplier and they have been able to demonstrate reasonable savings if i was to purchase a container of inventory at a time (around $150k).

Does anyone have any advice? I have a group of friends who i talk shop with and 2 of them are very keen to invest, as i mentioned that i may look to raise funds next year but i honestly don't want the unwanted pressure that comes with that. Their stance was that it was for them to evaluate the risk but knowing how i am, i don't want that on my mind when making key decisions.

My preference is to not give up any equity this early as well as i feel any valuation at this stage won't be just. Am i viewing this the right way or is giving up some equity and not worrying about repayments always a better option?

Anyway, sorry if this is a bit all over the shop, this situation is new to me so not sure how to best navigate. Thanks in advance.

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