New to E-commerce – Need Website Review

I need some assistance critiquing my website. It’s freshly up and running as of today, but I’ve been tweaking it constantly and have this overshadowing worry that it will malfunction.

This was developed on Shopify and I paid for a premium theme. Graphics and copywriting was done by my wife and I, but I had a buddy assist me with the backend tweaks.

My major concern is if the website looks amateur. We really trying to disguise and replicate other characteristics of beautiful websites.

Would love some feedback on Customer Point of View, Flow, functionality and load speed, and also if this is just a product/business that looks like it can succeed.

As far as SEO, we are beyond new on this one. I haven’t even touched SEO, and will rely on social media marketing. Any and all recommendations regarding SEO is welcomed.

Website :


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