chatbot / eCommerce platform on Facebook/Instagram chat – what do you think?

I was a thing of making a web app that provides
1- a chatbot for us (people who have pages on Facebook and Instagram) that replies to comments
2- replay with private messages on comments too
3- the ability to build a full eCommerce solution (with payment gateways) through Facebook/Instagram chatbox and a simple page on the web
4- bulk email marketing

I'm a programmer and I have the ability to run but can't afford all the expenses alone in the long run (of course I can lunch it now and for free) so if you are interested and willing to pay 1$ a month for that or 10$ per year we can start it today

please drop a comment if you are interested or not – and if you would pay 1$ or not – maybe we can provide it for free for the rest of the members after a certain amount of subscription – what do you think about that as well?

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