Getting spammed constantly by ‘marketing experts’, store designers etc..

Normally I wouldn’t care, but starting around 2 weeks ago I get at least 4-5 messages on Instagram, Shopify inbox and email offering me e-commerce services.

It coincides with a big increase in sales thanks to a clearance sale. I wonder if these agencies or whatever can track this and add well performing stores to their list?

The weird thing is that many of them are following the same script. They will start with hi/hello so I think it’s a legit customer.

Then they cut and paste a generic message such as ‘Good day store owner, We are (insert ‘agency’ name). It is our pleasure to tell you that we have engaged your store and discovered that it is well organized and has a quality product that can benefit society.’

I just block/delete these time wasters but I’m sure that I’ve been put on some kind of list because I never had these annoying messages before, but now I get them every day.

It also seems that they’ve all done the same course. I’m guessing one of those ‘yoU DrOPsHiP prODUcts, rIGht?’ Courses that were being spammed everywhere last year.

There are ‘marketing agencies’, store designers, course sellers etc… all spamming my inbox every day. I used to reply and ask how they found my store, but that usually disrupts their script and I don’t get a reply or it’s incomprehensible. Now I just block/delete right away.

So I’m guessing these guys do a ‘digital marketing agency’ course and they’re taught to cold canvas Shopify stores?

Who would hire an unknown person out of the blue to handle something so important?

Not really a big deal I guess.. just wanted to vent a little. I get excited every time a customer sends a message because I offer bespoke products and each message could potentially be a $200+ sale.

I hear that message notification and rush to my phone/pc but it’s just some random dude named from Nigeria telling me that he will explode my sales with a few foolproof steps…

Do you get these annoying messages too?

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