How to sell a product online without having to deal with fulfillment

I have a successful podcast with tens of thousands of listeners a month. Typically I sell ad spots to sponsors, but I have some ad spots that don't get sold, so I thought it could be good to make my own product / brand that would appeal to the podcast audience. However, once I have the website set up, I really don't want to spend time fulfilling items / dealing with customer service. What are my options to do this affordably?

I understand Amazon FBA offers this service, however if it's a podcast commercial, I can't really tell them to go to an Amazon URL or search something on Amazon. I'd have to tell them a specific website.

I know about Amazon FBA's MCF fulfillment, but that only fulfills, it doesn't help with returns or customer service.

How about drop shipping? Would this solve the problem? I am less familiar with this.

Do 3PLs offer return and customer service services?

Any other options I'm missing here.

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