Marketing products people buy regularly

**Title should read don't buy regularly

Hey there,

I'm working with a new client that has an interesting challenge. Their product has a shelf life of 12-24 months, meaning unless it's time to replace, or you're in market and ready to buy, their direct response marketing has poor results.

I guess a similar example would be eye glasses. You might buy one pair a year.

Have you had a brand / client with a product like this? How have you implemented paid ad strategy that compliments this?

I've thought of the following:

  • More memorable creative that's more about 'remembering us when you need us' than direct response focused.

  • Stocking complimentary products / moving more units at purchase (to increase AOV and front load sales)

  • Doubling down on lead generation and education nurturing

  • Pigging backing on relevant economic events that compliment greater consumption of the product

Any suggestions?

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