Simple product videos – any tips or advice?

We sell patterned cushions and whilst standard imagery works fine, some of the fabrics look lacklustre on flat images.

For example sparkly, glitter fabrics aren't captured well on photos.

As a result we want to look at adding videos for each of our products.

We don't have the budget nor skill for high end video production. It will most likely be an iphone and vimeo account.

But our products are simple. Just wondered if anyone has any examples or tips on creating very simple but effective product videos?

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Decent Web/Android/iOS multi vendor delivery service script recommendations?

KISS, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ and and the subject points out what I’m after pretty much.

Looking to do what a local town has done over the last couple of years (very successfully) and undercut Just-Eat (UK) and the other big name takeaway companies like Deliveroo etc and focus on a town/locality rather than nationwide. I would be looking to approach the town/towns food places that they are not aiming at.

Not looking to approach none current takeaway restaurants as yet as I would have to provide a driver so looking to target takeaways that deliver already before looking into restaurants and commit to employing drivers.

If it does get to that stage (hiring drivers) then I would be looking to focus on other places in the town such as; alcohol delivery, basic shopping, vape stores etc.

Features required:

  • User ordering dashboard
  • Takeaway/vendor dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Stripe/PayPal payment inc Apple Pay etc
  • Social media login (not mandatory)
  • Order tracking via app and/or text message (not mandatory)

Many thanks all.

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Anyone have experience with doing private label baking mixes/food?

Hoping this is the right sub for this question.

I've been selling on Amazon for 7 months now, but I'd like to start diving into creating my own brand of products. One niche I'm particularly fond of is baking mixes.

I see there are a lot of companies out there that do private label baking gigs. You don't have to have your own recipe or anything fancy, you can even use their own recipe. Then just create some unique packaging and re-brand it.

Anyone have experience in this? What are the pros and cons? Any resources you guys would recommend I'd look into? Doing some Googling now but wanted to get a post here as well to see if anyone here has any solid advice on this route.


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What tax software do you use to determine the number of tax to collect from each province and area?

Having to collect different sales tax from different areas can be very troublesome. Do any of you use a certain tax software to determine how much sales tax is to be collected from customers in different provinces? I'm from Canada, so thankfully a bit less of a headache than collecting in the US, but still need to keep on my toes a bit.

I plan to use Shopify and Bigcommerce, do either of these have features to calculate how much sales tax is collected, or will you need a tax calculation software to calculate it all for you?

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Looking for website design tips

I’m thinking my store needs to look a tad bit better to turn current relevant traffic into sales. Can I get some tips?


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Funding Female Founders: Small-Business Loans for Women and Where to Apply for Them

Woman on a laptop applying for a small business loan.

Women-owned businesses are an economic powerhouse, yet many women struggle to secure adequate financing for their ventures. In this post, we explore small-business loans for women, where to apply for them, and how they can help women entrepreneurs grow their companies.



Paypal is the scum of the earth. Discuss.

So, in developing an e-commerce site, I've had a lot of experiences with PayPal at this point. I've come to find the following:

-Their UX and UI for their business and developer interfaces are beyond trash. I couldn't have made a worse UX or UI if I spent three entire lifetimes trying to do so.

-Their integrations are clunky and have hitches throughout. It's truly a gamble to try hope for an eventless integration.

-Their support is absolute trash and probably sets the lowest bar. It's a bunch of foreign chat-center reps who comprehend English at the level of a 5 year old or so, have absolutely zero knowledge about how PayPal works whatsoever, disconnect on you if you don't respond back in under 60 seconds, disconnect on you because they can't figure out how to solve (or even comprehend) your basic problem, and reconnect you with a completely new inept rep after another 10 minute wait.

-zero phone support

-Their payment options and currency options are incredibly limited and pathetic compared to other modern payment processors like Stripe.

-They side with the customer approximately 99.992% of the time in disputes, even with absolute indisputable proof that the customer is scamming the seller.

-They update their layout and make it more convoluted like every month. It seems like every time I login something has changed.

-I'm pretty sure 100% of their support docs are outdated and usually useless.

-Many of the functions on their site are broken and give error messages.

I really really wish there weren't customers out there who will insist upon using it. I'm seriously considering just dropping Paypal and losing that customer base so I don't have to support PayPal or deal with the repeated headaches.

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First time seller here – how do I go about testing multiple creatives for FB Ads?

I started advertising my store a few days ago (I already have a sale! So excited!) but I have some concerns about my FB video ad creative.

I'm running 6 ad sets, one interest each, $5 each, with one video ad. However, my CTR on these is fairly low (1.36% average) and my average video play time is 3 seconds.

My hypothesis is that this is due to the length of my ad (almost 60 seconds), and the first few seconds not being very engaging.

I've revamped my ad to be ~25 seconds, and made the first few seconds more interesting.

However, my ads have only been running for a day and a half (900 impressions). Is it too soon to add another ad creative (and thereby double my daily ad spend)?

Do you have advice on replacing my current ad vs. adding in the second ad vs. just waiting a few more days for more data? Are the stats I'm seeing on this just average and I shouldn't be concerned?

Thanks in advance!

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Having trouble finding good help for logo creation. Any suggestions?

I have a successful ecommerce product and I'm creating another in the same realm. I'm making a separate website. It's important to me to have a good logo – the logo will serve as the backbone for branding and the theme of the website.

I'm having trouble getting it done. I've spent a few hundred on Upwork and Fiverr, but I'm not satisfied with the result. I'm normally not so picky, but none of the existing mock-ups are doing it for me.

Anyone have any success getting a great logo/theme? I seem to come across a lot of people who are decent with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and maybe even have some artistic ability, but are not necessarily good at making a nice, clean, elegant logo that captures the spirit of the product.

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R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact, so I’ve collected the most promising ones from major companies here.

Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all shared papers at the conference — and others too, I’m sure — but I’m sticking to the big hitters for this column. (If you’re interested in the papers deemed most meritorious by attendees and judges, the nominees and awards are listed here.)


Redmond has the most interesting papers this year, in my opinion, because they cover several nonobvious real-life needs.

One is documenting that shoebox we or perhaps our parents filled with old 3x5s and other film photos. Of course there are services that help with this already, but if photos are creased, torn, or otherwise damaged, you generally just get a high-resolution scan of that damage. Microsoft has created a system to automatically repair such photos, and the results look mighty good.

Image Credits: Google

The problem is as much identifying the types of degradation a photo suffers from as it is fixing them. The solution is simple, write the authors: “We propose a novel triplet domain translation network by leveraging real photos along with massive synthetic image pairs.” Amazing no one tried it before!