ShareASale Parallel Tracking Solution

ShareASale is pleased to announce that we’ve developed a solution to provide ITP compliant tracking for affiliates running Adwords campaigns monetized with ShareASale affiliate links. Our futureproof solution will prevent any affiliate conversion loss from the Google Adwords Parallel Tracking update, which no longer allows ad network tracking URLs to control the customer’s ultimate landing page.

Google Adword’s Parallel Tracking schema uses the Final URL as the ultimate landing page for the customer, preventing tracking link URLs from passing click ID or affiliate information to merchant’s websites, which is a more secure form of tracking. For more information on Parallel Tracking, click here to view Google’s Adwords support documentation.

ShareASale’s solution maintains tracking by associating Google’s Click ID value gclid to our native Click ID values. This additional piece of information allows ShareASale to attribute a sales transaction or conversion based on both our standard tracking methodology and by using Google’s Click IDs.

These changes allow our affiliate links served through Adwords access to ShareASale’s modern, robust tracking infrastructure. Adopting our solution will also ensure stable conversion rates for your program in the face of future browser changes. 

For affiliates who are interested in learning more about how to implement our Parallel Tracking Solution, please click here for our 2-step instructional guide. 

If you have any questions or to receive individual instructions on how to update your tracking, please contact our Client Success team.

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