Native Ads Analysis: 1 Ad, 10 Countries, Same Success

Native Ads Analysis Summary Countries being analyzed: USA Italy India Vietnam Thailand Canada Germany Mexico Indonesia Australia Vertical: Weight Loss USA Paying attention to nutrition trends across the US, which were selected on the basis of the most popular Google search queries in 2019, we focused on an intermittent fasting diet. Title: Intermittent Fasting Works… View Article

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Must-Have Merchants: Enhance Your At-Home Experience

The developing COVID-19 situation has left an indelible mark on everyday life, with 158 million Americans being told to stay indoors.

As the practice of ‘social distancing’ becomes more common place, now more than ever individuals are left to find creative ways to pass their time. Because of this, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ShareASale merchants guaranteed to enhance you and your readers’ at-home life – whether it be through learning a new skill, playing a fun video game, attempting a DIY project, amplifying your fitness routine or transforming your bathroom into a spa oasis.

1. Course Hero | Merchant ID 55976 | 4% commission
2. Cricut | Merchant ID 51766 | 12% commission
3. Daily Harvest | Merchant ID 64681 | $10 commission
4. Erin Condren | Merchant ID 71368 | 10% commission
5. Farmacy Beauty | Merchant ID 70626 | 15% commission
6. MasterClass | Merchant ID 62509 | 25% commission
7. Monkii Portable Fitness | Merchant ID 78375 | 15% commission
8. Reebok | Merchant ID 45519 | 7% commission
9. Sun Basket | Merchant ID 58818 | $20 commission
10. The Story Box | Merchant ID 94614 | 5% commission
11. Vanity Planet | Merchant ID 80293 | 12% commission
12. We Craft Box | Merchant ID 89620 | 10% commission

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COVID-19 and Affiliate Marketing: Any Gold Opportunities for Affiliate Marketers?

What's up with Coronavirus or COVID-19? We’re all aware of the most discussed topic of the moment: coronavirus or COVID-19. To prevent the risk of these times becoming even more difficult, most countries have recommended self-isolation, and in some, total lockdown is being actually imposed by the authorities. So, let’s get down to business a… View Article

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Pick a Marketing Model That Lets You Pay for Results, Not Potential

How affiliate marketing can help you find consistent return on investment.

Free Book Preview No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

The ultimate guide to – producing measurable, monetizable results with social media marketing.

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In an era of caution, companies need to invest in marketing efforts that lead to a direct payoff and don’t require more than they can afford. Over the past week, I've had to evaluate all the things I'm doing at Calendar to see what's really moving the needle. It's astonishing the things we're spending money on that aren't actually driving revenue to our bottom line.

As today's environment forces drastic behavioral shifts in our daily lives, companies of all sizes and in all industries are evaluating the changes they need to make to stay nimble in our new economic reality. As businesses adapt to the stay-home economy, they’ll be focusing on which investments drive the best possible outcomes.

Businesses are used to pouring money into marketing channels that require upfront, flat-fee investments for promised inputs and potential outputs. Rather than invest in these marketing channels, companies can leverage affiliate marketing, which only requires them to pay partners once they’ve achieved the desired result.

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What is affiliate marketing?

When managing their marketing budgets, companies should invest in channels tied directly to outcomes and avoid unnecessary risk. After all, if they pour all their funds into marketing but see no payoff, how will they afford to develop their products and services further? 

Affiliate marketing (often called “partner marketing”) is simple: A brand partners with a publisher, or an affiliate, to market a product or service to its audience using a tracking platform. Unlike marketing channels that require upfront payment, brands pay publishers a percentage-based commission for each sale generated through their content. 

Forrester predicted that by the close of this year, U.S. ecommerce sales would total $500 billion. Combine that with predictive analytics firm Custora’s prediction that affiliate marketing will influence 14 percent of ecommerce purchases in the U.S., and that means affiliate marketing will impact $70 billion worth of sales. Pepperjam’s Adobe Summit 2017 Survey revealed that only 4 percent of are investing in affiliate marketing, meaning there’s a big opportunity. 

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How affiliate marketing pays off (in more ways than one).

Affiliate marketing offers a cost-per-action (CPA) payment structure instead of a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) structure. This creates a sustainable, competitive advantage because businesses only have to pay for converted sales and leads after the publisher finalizes them. Even during tough times, brands should always want to pay for incremental revenue. It prevents businesses from throwing good money after bad — they don’t need to invest large amounts of money into marketing campaigns or ads that turn out to not convert as expected.

Instead of continuously investing money into Facebook and Google, hoping it leads to conversions, affiliate marketing enables brands to broadcast their product to a wide audience of potential customers with a pay-for-performance pricing model. It also enables them to be more hands-off, allowing their affiliate partners to use their brand standards to do the work themselves. Affiliate programs can even include partners who will share the brand via Facebook or Google; unlike traditional methods on those platforms, these will be paid based on those campaigns’ performance, allowing a low-risk entry to these channels. 

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Even in an uncertain economy, this framework can scale. Because the marketing investment is only a portion of the revenue the partnership brings in, businesses just have to figure what they’re willing to pay for each transaction or new customer. They don’t have to worry about pouring excessive budget into a single channel. 

In a precarious marketplace, businesses need to stabilize their immediate future by investing in channels that they know will drive profit. Affiliate marketing is the model for this moment: It’s built on transparent and trusting relationships, where brands and partners set clear expectations and companies only have to pay for the outcomes they get.

People are at home, and that’s where affiliate marketers can capture their attention. Companies can stay ahead of the game by using affiliate marketing to maximize their ROI and make sure they’re paying for outcomes, not inputs.


SimilarWeb vs SEMrush Traffic Analytics – Website Traffic Comparison Case Study

Any self-respecting marketer is a journalist, in a sense. Meaning they check and double-check any information that comes up on their radar. Verified data makes credible argumentation and a lasting reputation. It’s all clear; the only question is how can you get (or make) such irrefutable material? If you’ve got an accurate tool, you're on… View Article

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MagicAdz Review: An Easy Way To Find Profitable Social Campaigns

Introduction Running a social ads campaign can be expensive. Even with social media taking center stage for small advertisers over the costly PPC giants, it’s still an advertising medium that requires a significant investment. First, you need to plan everything, then get to work setting up your campaigns and ad sets, and finally test everything… View Article

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