The 3 Best Ways to Build an Email List – Fast!

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80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases sales and customer retention.

Quick translation – Your email list is your most crucial asset!

The stat above is only one of the hundred other reasons why you should keep working on your email list.

And there are 3 great ways to grow your email list faster than you can blink.

  1. Use email pop-ups
  2. Host a partner giveaway
  3. Loop in some influencers

Let’s get started.

1. Don’t sleep on email pop-ups

How can you start building your email list? Perhaps you can ask people for their emails politely?

This is the core purpose of an email pop-up that activates when a user signals exit-intent.

(Source: VYPER)

Quick definitions:

  • Website Pop-up: Also known as email or lightbox popups. This is a form that “pops up” on your website, asking the visitor to insert their information (email address).
  • Exit-intent: technology designed to make one last effort to convert the visitor just before they leave the website.

Once someone is near the end of visiting your website or reading your blog post, a form asking for their email address will pop-up just before they can decide to log off your website.
How effective are email pop-ups?

A study by Sumo found an average conversion rate of 3.09% for all pop-ups, with top-performing pop-ups having an average conversion rate of 9.28%.

(Source: Sumo)

If your website falls under “average performing popups,” then 3% might seem very low. However, the Sumo study makes a valuable point:

“100,000 visitors on your site will turn into over 3,000 subscribers!”

You may not be entirely sold on the effectiveness of email popups, but pay attention to these pop-ups the next time you browse the internet. Almost every website uses them!

Getting Started with Email Pop-ups

Here are 4 essential tips that will help you improve your email pop-ups:

  • A clear call-to-action – Don’t ask, tell them where to put their contact details. “Enter your email here to receive 20% off!”
  • An irresistible offer –  Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Offer your visitors something that can solve their problem or add value to their lives.
  • Exit-Intent tech – Go fancy and install a plugin that will only activate your email pop-up when a visitor is ready to leave. Activating the pop-up as soon as someone arrives on your website can interrupt or distract the reader.
  • Design – Stick to a design that is in line with your brand requirements. If your brand is known for being quirky and weird, then by all means come up with something fun (like the pop-up below).

(Source: OptinMonster)

Website pop-up formats

Your pop-up doesn’t have to be restricted to a regular pop-up box in the middle of the page.

You can get a bit more creative by going full screen.

A full-screen popup is something that Neil Patel does very well on his website:

(Source: Neil Patel)

When you read a blog post on Neil’s excellent website, a full-screen pop-up appears.

You have the option to scroll down further for more information, or you can simply close the pop-up to continue reading.

This approach is great for displaying a “landing page style” pop-up for your product works well for intricate offers that require more explanation.

Another format option that is also popular right now is the “chat-style” pop-up.

(Source: VYPER)

This pop-up comes in the form of a tiny icon that can be placed at the bottom left (or right) corner of the website.

When a user clicks on the icon, the pop-up box expands with your offer and CTA.

There is also another sleek alternative to traditional pop-ups – chatbots. Chatbots can work as a subtle pop-up, offering a lead magnet in exchange for an email, or inviting a visitor to sign up for a newsletter. Here’s how this can look like in practice:

(Source: Tidio)

The benefit of this format is that it’s distraction-free and can be placed anywhere on your website.

Now that you understand the benefits of using email pop-ups to build your email list, you get to learn another method that promises to boost email lists, social followers, and website traffic!

Host a partner giveaway

Before we can get into partner giveaways, let’s take a quick look at online giveaways.

Online Giveaways

Online giveaways have become exceptionally popular in recent years. Brands that host giveaways (on their website or social media) have claimed to have achieved multiple marketing goals within a short period.


Giveaways can assist your brand in achieving the following:

  • More social media followers
  • Huge engagement levels on social media
  • A boost in website traffic
  • Promoting a podcast, product launch, sale, etc
  • Increase in new account signups or app downloads
  • Building an email list

Yes, you guessed it. Giveaways can drastically boost your email list, fast.

The concept is simple:

  • Sponsor a prize, get people to submit their email to enter, then select a winner at random.

(Source: VYPER)

Once your giveaway has ended, your email list will now include all the emails of those who entered.

Build an email list with a partner giveaway

Hosting a giveaway seems easy and can be beneficial for your brand. However, there are still a few crucial aspects to consider, like:

  • Your giveaway goals – Building an email list can be your primary goal. Boosting social media followers and engagement can be secondary goals.
  • Choosing a prize – Your giveaway prize is one of the most crucial elements of your campaign. It’s the prize that will attract your target audience.
  • Marketing your giveaway – Giveaways are viral and can easily attract a massive audience online. However, you will still have to carefully consider which marketing channels you will use to promote your giveaway online. Eg. Promote your giveaway on social media, with email, blog posts, podcasts, etc.

With careful planning and proper promotion, your giveaway can successfully attract thousands of high-quality leads.

Now that you have an idea of how complex giveaways can be, it’s clear to see that there is plenty of work to be done when hosting a giveaway.

So, it makes absolute sense to partner up with someone who can help you to successfully host your giveaway.

(Source: VYPER)

Here are a few benefits for having a giveaway partner:

  • You can share the workload, the costs, and the leads once the giveaway is over
  • Having one or more partners means more people can help promote the giveaway
  • More marketing channels (email lists, social media profiles, or blogs) will be available

One of the biggest reasons to host a partner giveaway is the potential magnitude of the giveaway.

Having more brands on board means more prizes, a bigger giveaway, and tons more email leads!

Hosting a mega partner giveaway

Waiakea is an alkaline water company based in Hawaii. They partnered with other brands to host a massive giveaway that generated over 62K email leads!

(Source: VYPER)

The giveaway also successfully produced social media followers and website traffic.

Waiakea could have simply given away their own products, but they chose to include bigger prizes from other brands to increase their chances of acquiring more leads.

Prizes included:

  • Smartwatches
  • Mountain bikes
  • Go Pro cameras
  • Fitness guides
  • Waiakea subscriptions
  • Healthy food and juice bundles

Waiakea wanted their giveaway to attract people that are into health and fitness. Which is why they selected the prizes listed above.

Giveaway with influencers

Modern influencers have a close connection with their fans on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok. You can also use tools like Instagram marketing tools, Facebook marketing tools for best results on social media.

This lets influencers to instantly show off your brand to their followers on multiple platforms.

The amazing thing about influencer marketing is that people with similar interests tend to follow specific influencers. For instance, people who follow Travis Scott will most likely be interested in retro Nike sneakers.

(Source: Complex)

So if retro Nike sneakers are your business, then you can get your products into Mr. Scott’s hands and gain a massive boost in exposure!

This is usually done with a sponsored post, long term sponsorship deal, or a mutual agreement.

Using influencers to promote your giveaway

The better you promote your giveaway, the higher your chances are of acquiring more email addresses.

Because of this, it makes complete sense to partner up with an influencer who can promote your giveaway effectively on social media.

An excellent example of such a partnership is MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) and his brand sponsor Dbrand.

(Source: VYPER)

Marques regularly hosts giveaways on his YouTube channel and social media profiles. He has millions of followers on each of his accounts.

Hosting a giveaway is an ideal way for him to acquire more followers for himself and his sponsor Dbrand. Dbrand sponsors the prizes and Marques promotes the giveaway on his socials.

Your brand too can co-host a similar giveaway. Instead of asking people to “follow you on social media to enter,” you can request that users submit their emails to enter.

Conclusion: think outside of the box to build your email list

Email pop-ups are still a popular choice for brands looking to acquire new email leads. Even a low conversion rate will still land you a decent amount of new email addresses monthly.

Online giveaways have proven to be a worthy strategy for acquiring huge amounts of email leads fast. You can host one giveaway to build an email list, generate followers, and increase website traffic.

Getting the most out of your giveaway will create more leads for you. You can achieve this by expertly promoting your giveaway with the help of brand partners and influencers.

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