My Amazon HTML link wont show

Every time i try to link a product the HTML link dont wanna show up what should i do?

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Any digital crypto wallets that offer affiliate programs?

I know many physical wallets have programs but how about digital wallets?

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Payoneer – Amazon UK Issue. Anyone else? Or did you get payment?

Wondering if anyone else had issues with their Amazon UK payment this month. I had to update banking details to Citibank as per Payoneers request.

I received payments from all the other Amazons (France, Spain etc) but my Amazon UK payment is listed as canceled in the Payoneer backend.

I contacted them and they said:

"Regarding your inquiry about canceled payment ID XXXXXX, please note that we do not support payments from banks and financial institutions for GPS payments. The payment was sent from Bank of America and for that reason the payment was rejected."

Haven't had an issue before with these payments. Just this month and wondering if others had issues or what?

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Text Messages Are an Ecommerce Opportunity

Many ecommerce and omnichannel marketers treat text messaging as pared-down email campaigns. But text alone is a powerful way to drive sales. Nearly everyone, after all, grabs their mobile phone the moment a message arrives.

Text Opportunity

“The vision we’ve had is that text messaging could be so much more,” said Blu Atwood, CEO and co-founder of Textual, a shop-by-text platform.

“There is a lot left on the table with the mobile user, meaning if you can make text a more native mobile experience, you have something that makes more sense to the mobile user and more likely to engage them in a transaction,” said Atwood who was speaking during a live interview with the CommerceCo by Practical Ecommerce community on April 29, 2021.

Moreover, text messages may represent a low friction way to sell goods. Atwood pointed to Gary Vaynerchuk’s WineText, a daily text offer for discounted wine.

To start, a consumer signs up on the WineText website, providing payment information and a shipping address. Once registered, the shopper receives a daily wine offer.

On May 26, 2021, for example, the offer was a 2017 Zo Wines Dry Creek Zinfandel. This wine, according to WineText, normally sells for $38 per bottle but was available for one day at $17.95.

Screenshot of a WineText registration page.

WineText asks shoppers to register and provide all of the transactional information needed.

An interested shopper replies to the text message with the number of bottles she would like. That is it. Just reply with a number, and the transaction is complete.

Screenshot of a text message from WineText with a daily offer for a Zinfandel wine.

WineText’s daily offer includes a graphic, a relatively long text description, and an easy way to buy: Reply with the number of bottles you want to order.

By almost any definition, this is a low friction transaction.

Atwood noted that “through industry and SMS-commerce colleagues, I have come to find out that [Vaynerchuk] does very well with that, selling out almost all of his offers that he sends.”

Other Use Cases

WineText is a daily discount example of text message commerce, but, according to Atwood, there are other ways that SMS (only text) or MMS (text and other media, such as images) can be used to provide a native mobile, low-friction way to sell products.

Retailers could use text messaging to reduce overstock inventory, such as last season’s fashion or perishable items.

Brands that have traditionally sold wholesale via big-box retailers could use text messaging as a low-cost foray into the direct-to-consumer retail market.

Drop-shippers could sell everything from household goods to fast fashion without having an ecommerce website.

Combined Campaigns

Each of these examples — from WineText’s daily discounts to a retailer selling overstock or a brand going DTC — may be combined with other promotional channels, elevating overall sales.

“We crafted a program with a Fortune 500 company to sell overstock inventory,” said Atwood. “The company places QR codes on packaging and in stores [that] drive consumers to a sign-up page, where they join the exclusive offer club, receive the text-based product offer, and reply ‘yes’ to purchase.”

In this example, packaging and in-store campaigns are combined with low-friction text sales.

Another example might be to combine text shopping with email without duplicating the offer. WineText, for example, sends a secondary (and different) offer via email. This additional option may be related to the text message, such as a different variety from the same winemaker or a similar wine from a different vineyard. In each case, the message complements the text message rather than repeating it.

Screenshot of a WineText email offer.

WineText combines offers: text messages with secondary email.


Any Idea how to mass dm my followers without getting my account disabled ? Thanks !

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Amazon associates payment?

Hi there, I’ve been doing Amazon associates marketing since March and I was expecting my first payment to come through today, but it hasn’t yet. Anybody in the same situation as me?

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How to Show Product Ratings in Google Ads

I’ve been looking for a set of adjustable dumbbells for my home-based gym. I searched on Google and saw these ads.

Screenshot of Google search results for "adjustable dumbbell set."

Google search results for “adjustable dumbbell set.”

At $299.99 and higher, the dumbbells are not cheap. And forget about finding a sale price given the high demand. However, I couldn’t help but notice the yellow rating stars for two of the advertisers. The stars are a strong visual contrast from the other search results. Moreover, Bowflex, with its “9K+” ratings of an average of 4.5 stars, appears to be the dominant provider.

How did Bowflex get these valuable rating stars to appear in its ads?

I’ll explain in this post.

Shopping vs. Search

To be clear, the ratings you see above come from Shopping ads. The ratings are not the same as in regular text ads. Seller ratings in text ads appear as follows.

Example from Google as seller-rating stars in a regular text ad.

Seller ratings in text ads are different from product ratings in Shopping ads.

Seller ratings in text ads are automatic. Google will show them for any advertiser that:

  • Has over 100 ratings in the past 12 months from the advertiser’s country. The ratings can come from Google Customer Reviews or partners such as Trustpilot.
  • Has an average rating of 3.5 stars or higher out of 5.
  • Matches the visible URL in the ad with the URL of the ratings.

Google offers an easy way to check the number of reviews for a domain. Go to{yourwebsite} and insert the queried URL at “{yourwebsite}.” The screenshot below shows the results for, the outdoor and recreation retailer.

Screenshot of ratings.

Google offers an easy way to check the number of reviews for a domain. This example is for has 152 reviews in Google with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This makes Cabela’s eligible for the ratings extension to appear in search ads.

Many ads show seller ratings, and the advertisers don’t realize it. To check, go to your Google Ads account and navigate to Ads & extensions > Extensions Scroll to the bottom and click “Automated Extensions.” The report contains basic performance statistics for automated extensions, including Seller Ratings, if eligible.

Screenshot of Google Ads interface to check ratings availability.

To check ratings availability in text ads, go to your Google Ads account and navigate to Ads & extensions > Extensions. Scroll to the bottom and click “Automated Extensions.”

Google Shopping

To attach product ratings to Google Shopping ads, such as my dumbbell example above, go to Google Merchant Center. Navigate to Growth > Manage Programs on the left and then click “Product Ratings.”

Screenshot of Google Merchant Center for adding product ratings.

To attach ratings to Google Shopping ads, go to Google Merchant Center. Navigate to Growth > Manage Programs on the left and then click “Product Ratings.”

Clicking “Get Started” will take you to the Product Ratings Interest Form.

The form requires information about your Google Merchant Center account, how many product ratings you think you have, and how you collect and manage reviews, including the rating distribution (1 to 5 stars).

Submit the form, and Google staff will contact you for the next steps.

Do Ratings Help?

The process is not simple to enable Product Ratings in Google Shopping. But consider my dumbbell example. The biggest differentiator was the price. Beyond that, unless you’re a huge national brand such as Bowflex, the ratings signal your trustworthiness to prospects. The result is more conversions. It’s worth your time to set up.


Book for entrepreneurs about startup concepts and business processes

Hello everyone, I recently wrote an ebook about startups, business and entrepreneurship. The book is highly practical in nature which discusses important startup concepts and business processes employed and tested by titans of tech industry like Peter Thiel( PayPal founder), Eric ries(Author, lean startup), Gabriel Weinberg(founder of duck duck go), etc. This ebook named deconstructed can be your bible and gives you intense level of information about startups and business in least possbile time all will helping you advoid common mistakes and employ best practices and processes. Click the link for further details:

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Free facebook traffic source training

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop in a message to whoever is interested there is going to be a free fb mastering training for 5 days starting June 7th along access to A 14 day trial version of a software I personally use for my work. No bank details will be required to join the training and to get the software . So if u guys wanted to join drop a comment 🙂

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How’s to get free traffic for promote the Affiliate product ?

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