Are there any pay-per-click companies? I didn't know if they still existed because I can't find them online. I just started a blog and didn't know how to go about affiliate linking. I am new to the sub and plan to read up a lot tonight. Thanks.

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Recurring new affiliates

Dear affiliates, what is the best way to recruit you to an affiliate program? Where are you hanging out so I can reach you?

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Meta Description and Tags On Google sites ?????

I can not find any tools to add meta description and tags in google sites. Can anybody help?

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What is the best way of driving traffic to this site

I am getting a site build exactly similar to this link and I would like to know what is the best way of driving traffic to the site. This will be my first project and need some suggestions. The payout for these referral links is about $60 per signup and I am willing to put some budget for ad if that helps.

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The best social stories and campaigns from June 2021

Summer is well and truly here, and we’re back with another roundup of the best social stories and campaigns from June 2021.

Lots has been happening in the last four weeks. This time, we’ll be covering campaigns celebrating Pride Month, the Euros and – of course – the return of Love Island and Wimbledon.

For a deeper dive into social media platform innovation, head over to The Social Quarterly Report.

Let’s dig in.

TikTok x Cannes Lions – #CreativityForGood

The annual Cannes Lions advertising awards returned once more in June, and as TikTok videos don’t currently qualify for any categories in the competition, the social platform opted to launch its own challenge inspired by the awards.

Titled #CreativityForGood, the challenge tasked TikTok creatives with producing their own ad campaign or short on behalf of one of four partnering non-profits – Malala Fund, It Gets Better Project, IFRC and One Tree Planted. Alternatively, users can choose another charity close to their hearts to help boost awareness of many great causes after a difficult year.

In return, TikTok has pledged to donate $50,000 to each of the four named non-profits. Here’s just one example of the thousands of ads produced by TikTok creators for the challenge.


You can make a difference! #ad #CreativityForGood @americanredcross @ifrc @tiktokforbusiness

♬ original sound – Dr. Kojo Sarfo

TikTok – #EURO2020

TikTok has also been inspiring its users to get involved with Euro 2020 celebrations this month, with the hashtag #EURO2020. In this Top View ad, football fans on the social platform were stitched together with footage of famous players, creating a humourous and playful result that encouraged users to ‘join the world’s biggest line-up’.


Join the world’s biggest line-up for #EURO2020

♬ original sound – TikTok UK

It was bound to make TikTok users want to get just as creative with their own posts as they joined in with the hype for the much-anticipated event, following its postponement last year. So far, some of the most popular TikToks under the #EURO2020 hashtag include viral memes, public football challenges, best bits of match footage, funny interview moments and predictions featuring the most unlikely animals.


She’s right 50% of the time every time ???? ENGLAND FOR TOMORROW ???????????????????????????? #euro2020 #footballpredictions #football #england #sealtok #greyseal

♬ Three Lions – Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds

To help fans keep on top of upcoming matches without needing to leave the app, TikTok also helpfully displays a daily schedule when users search for the Euros on its Discover tab.

Spotify – Only You

This month, we saw Spotify launch its global campaign Only You via its app. The in-app experience serves a similar purpose to its other famed campaign, Spotify Wrapped, which sums up a user’s year in streaming, but instead focuses on users’ listening habits that are unique to them. Fun features of the Only You experience include a summary of your ‘Audio Birth Chart’ and a chance to plan a dream dinner party with your favourite artists.

Spotify's Only You campaign (screenshots)

Image via Spotify

These are presented in a series of Story-style interactive slides on the Spotify app, which can then be shared across a wide range of other social media channels so users can compare their results with those of their friends and followers. As with Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform creates and saves a series of personalised playlists to a users’ profile that can also be shared on social media.

To raise awareness of this new campaign, Spotify released a lighthearted 30-second ad following one user’s obsessive listening habits while she is cramming for finals.

Snapchat – Pride of Britain

After the government announced code-breaker and computer visionary Alan Turing was to be featured on the next £50 note, Snapchat celebrated the move with another of its in-app AR experiences for Pride Month – it has since been named ‘Pride of Britain’ to reflect both Turing’s ground-breaking work and his sexuality.

The lens requires users to scan the newly circulated banknote which will activate the experience. Turing’s features and quote, both visible on the note itself, become highlighted before the dials of his famed WW2 Bombe machine begin to appear. The finished result is an animated image of the entire machine in the colours of the Pride flag.

Snapchatters can find out more about Turing by using the lens, which links to an external Bank of England site explaining the pioneer’s life history in greater depth.

Here’s a video of the lens in action, posted by The Drum:

Facebook commemorates Juneteenth

June also marks Juneteenth on the 19th of the month – a holiday commemorating and reflecting upon the emancipation of African-American slaves. To observe the event, Facebook has produced a social-first video presented by Tina Knowles-Lawson which explains, in a heartfelt way, her family’s, and other Black American families’, connection to the holiday and to the importance of freedom.

With this campaign, and other Juneteenth events and fundraising efforts on the platform, Facebook hopes to reaffirm its pledge to continue elevating Black voices and businesses across its apps.

In the week leading up to the 19th June, Facebook also featured three Black-owned businesses on Instagram, all of which hail from the birthplace of Juneteenth: Galveston, Texas. This series delves into behind the scenes interviews with the brands’ owners as they explain what it takes to run a successful business.


As of 28th June, Wimbledon is once again back on our screens following a two-year hiatus after being cancelled last year. To rejoice in its return, McCann London created a brilliantly British ad campaign leading up to the start of the event, focusing on some of the public’s favourite, and slightly bizarre, Wimbledon traditions.

While the activation is omnichannel, it does largely focus on encouraging social media users to share their #WimbledonThing using the hashtag, demonstrating and celebrating the unique traditions we all partake in when watching. Even if it’s simply feasting on the classic strawberries and cream in front of the TV, there’s always something for fans to be enthusiastic about when it comes to Wimbledon, and the campaign hopes to reflect that excitement with social conversation and user generated content.

JD Sports becomes an official partner of Love Island in social-first campaign

JD Sports has teamed up with Love Island to become the official activewear provider for this year’s contestants. To promote its products and the show itself, the brand will be releasing a variety of social content across its feeds including TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube.

The retailer will be posting about the series on TikTok, where users will soon be able to take part in an exclusive hashtag challenge run by the brand. Meanwhile, JD Sports has developed a range of gamified content which will run on both a dedicated Snapchat portal, as well as its own mobile app. At first glance, the game appears to work similarly to Candy Crush and offers the chance for players to win a whole year’s worth of workout outfits.

It has also announced there will be a new series on its official YouTube channel, which will feature the public’s favourite contestants from past series in an attempt to further drum up hype for, and conversation around, the show.

For now, though, JD Sports has led with an introductory TikTok ad, which so far has 119k likes and more than 24 million views to date.


#GetGrafting this Summer with JD and Love Island! JD Official Activewear Partner 2021

♬ Graft That Look – Massappea ls X Scrufizzer

M&S – Nothing Neutral About It

To mark the expansion of its lingerie range to include more inclusive nude colours and sizes for all women, M&S launched a new campaign this month named ‘Nothing Neutral About It’. The activation is running across a multitude of online and offline channels, social included.

The brand leads with a 2-minute film and a number of shorter looping videos about the creation of the new range, featuring interviews with M&S product designers and department directors. It also offers a sneak peek behind the scenes of the product shoot where models were encouraged to explore why they enjoy wearing neutral colours and how choice makes them feel empowered.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by M&S (@marksandspencer)

That’s all for now. For more social media updates, head to The Social Quarterly Report.


June 2021 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Our mission since 2005 is to publish independent content to help ecommerce merchants. What follows are the 10 most popular articles that we published in June 2021. Articles from early …

The post June 2021 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts appeared first on Practical Ecommerce.


Best high ticket affiliate marketing courses?

In ur opinion what are the best high ticket affiliate marketing courses and what are the costs. From low end to high end. Like i know legendary marketer does $7 course and than there are upsells for $2500. What are the other courses out there?

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I’m looking for a marketing co-founder in crypto space. Kindly message me if you are interested.

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Growth Decoded Episode 5: Converting More Visitors to Leads with Better Landing Pages

This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience and business growth — one topic at a time. Register here and never miss an episode!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a stand-alone web page created about a specific topic to acquire a lead’s contact info through opt-in forms and gated content.

What is the purpose of a landing page?

Landing pages are designed to funnel traffic toward a specific action. They are called landing pages because marketers typically send traffic to it from other online destinations, like a Facebook Ad, and the visitor “lands” on this page.

Landing pages are often optimized for conversions. This means that they have prominent opt-in forms and lack the typical website navigation — this is because you ultimately want there to be 2 options: convert, or close the window. Traditional website navigation provides visitors with numerous other avenues to navigate away from the page without converting.

Why would you want to use a landing page?

Landing pages have a ton of use cases. Anytime you want a visitor, contact, lead, or customer to convert or take an action for something that you’re putting behind a form — you can use a landing page.

Landing pages help you do things like:

  • Add subscribers to an email newsletter
  • Promote your online course
  • Sell a physical product
  • Give out a discount code or coupon
  • Boost attendance for a webinar
  • Encourage a free trial
  • Give away a consultation or demo

But how do they work?

So landing pages (generally) have 6 main features:

  1. Headline
  2. Features and benefits
  3. Social proof
  4. Visuals
  5. Colors
  6. Call-to-action

And the best way to get contacts to convert is by reducing friction. Landing page friction is anything that makes it harder for your visitors to take action on your CTA. This could be as basic as a hyperlink, or your website navigation.

Landing pages help you convert more visitors into leads and customers because they reduce conversion friction and give people fewer actions to take.

Once someone converts, it’s up to you to deliver the piece of gated content, or send a reminder, or book that call — you have to hold up your end of the deal.

But you can take it further than that.

When a contact converts on your landing page — this is a key action that indicates intent. Depending on your offer, the intent is going to be different. But this is a key moment when a common website visitor becomes an interested lead.

Sometimes these are referred to as “MQLs” or a Marketing Qualified Lead. MQLs are leads who have indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts (in this case, your landing page and whatever got them to it… more on this in a moment) or are otherwise more likely to become a customer than other contacts.

So what do you do with those leads?

So you’ve got a landing page, an offering, and maybe you even have an automation or 2 set up to run after someone converts.


Just because you have a functional landing page doesn’t mean that people are going to convert. You have to help them out.

You have to set it up to convert — you have to optimize it, organize it, design it, and present it in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to convert.

Lucky for you, you have access to something that touches ALL of your business content. Something that exists EVERYWHERE a person can interact with or learn about your business online. It can make or break your ads, your emails, your landing pages — AND you can improve it for free.

What is it?

Your words.

Your words can be the difference between someone arriving on your landing page and converting with a smile on their face because they found the solution they’ve been looking for—

OR that same someone arriving on your landing page with the same offer but worded poorly — and they leave because they just never… “got it.”

So let’s answer that second question — How do you make your landing page successful?

If you want to write your landing page in a way that makes it compelling to your audience, you have to start with… your audience. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they think about the problems that your offer solves?
  • How do they talk about those problems?
  • How much do they already know about the problem?

Meet them where they are. Talk to them in a way that uses their OWN words — this is called “Voice of Customer” and if you can do it well, it’s going to go a long way towards helping your customers convert on your landing page.

But how do you find those words?

How do you find out how your audience is talking about the problem so that you know which words to use to help them convert? Do you just guess?

You can find the Voice of Customer in a number of ways:

  • Customer reviews
  • Feedback
  • Phone calls with customers
  • Customer interviews
  • Competitor reviews
  • Amazon reviews of similar products

But one question remains — using their words is a start, but what are those words saying? Are you telling them things they already know? Is your copy going to be over their heads?

How do you figure out the right level of awareness of your potential customers so that you can talk to them in a way they understand and tell them the things they need to know — without telling them things they already know or skipping too many steps ahead?

There’s a lot that you can put on a landing page. You know you want to use your audience’s and customer’s words to catch and hold their attention. You know that you need to stay consistent with their level of awareness to give them what they need.

You know about reducing friction, form optimization, and removing any additional site navigation to help push your visitors towards that conversion.

But what do you actually write? How do you know what words to use? In what order? What makes a compelling headline? What benefits or features should you include?

Is there a rule for all this?

Follow the Rule of One and you’ll always know what to write on your landing page. But what about the visual elements of the page?

What about images? Visuals? Colors!

You could include images of happy people, or your product, or a puppy, or a baby!

And doesn’t the color of the CTA button play a huge part? People can’t help but click an orange button. Or was it red? Or was it… purple?

All of these things can help improve the experience of your landing page. Which means more conversions. Which means more leads and ultimately more customers.

But Joel said earlier that Landing pages are a moving target — you’re never going to have that 100% conversion rate, things can ALWAYS be better.

What can you do to improve it as time goes on?

What sort of tips or best practices are there for you to improve your landing page after you’ve launched it?

Well there you have it. At the end of the day, it starts, and ENDs with the customer. Know thy customer, and you’ll be able to create and write a landing page that works for them.

You will have ONE compelling offer that speaks right to your audience using their words to describe their problems at their level of awareness.

You’ll have a streamlined page with minimal friction that promises ONE thing and uses images and visuals to improve the visual hierarchy and contribute to your ONE big idea.

You’ll have a simple, straightforward form that doesn’t ask for too much, and you’ll have the automation set up on the backend to ensure that you hold up your end of the deal when a visitor converts.

AND you can use that conversion as a starting point for a sales conversation to turn that new lead into a customer.

Speaking of landing page automation…

This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience and business growth — one topic at a time. Register here and never miss an episode!

The post Growth Decoded Episode 5: Converting More Visitors to Leads with Better Landing Pages appeared first on ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Blog.