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I'm just getting started with affiliate marketing, I have created free blogs in weebly to market some amazon affiliate products, using leadsleap and herculist a lot to generate traffic, but I have earned $0 in one month, I know I have just started and I should be patient but I need cash. The question is if there's any type of affiliate marketing where I'm just paid to drive traffic to the product and doesn't only pay for sales made to my referrals. It seems to me that amazon can be ruled out in this. I'll really appreciate some help here, forever grateful for your help!

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What is q-commerce?

Q-commerce, which stands for ‘quick commerce’ – also known as on-demand or rapid delivery – refers to companies that deliver goods (typically groceries) in under an hour, or as quickly as in 10 minutes.

According to Global Data’s report on q-commerce, the rise of these companies is being fuelled by changing consumer behaviour since the pandemic and rising expectations. There has also been a shift (or rather, shattering) in customer loyalty, with consumers more willing to buy from a range of online retailers.

Speaking at this week’s eCommerce Expo event, Managing Director of Shipstation, Andrew Norman, highlighted how quickly this change occurred.

“Actually in the early days of the pandemic, people became more relaxed” he said. “The Amazon ‘instant gratification’ effect was more relaxed, and people were more willing to wait.” However, as consumers became used to ordering online and competition within retail ramped up – the demand for fast delivery once again increased.

So, who are the big players in q-commerce, and who will succeed amid rising competition in the market?

Investment in q-commerce accelerates

Q-commerce is typically facilitated by ‘dark stores’ – fulfilment centres that are located in densely populated areas, to enable drivers to pick up and deliver stock super fast. Dark stores are not just a by-product of the pandemic – big retail brands like Walmart and Whole Foods have used the concept to improve fulfilment since before 2020 – while Deliveroo’s ‘dark kitchens’ provide a similar way for restaurants to get their food to customers, fast. 

However, dark stores have recently seen an uptick in investment. Glovo is one of the latest European examples. The Spanish company has partnered with real estate investment firm, Stoneweg, which is set to invest €100 million in buying warehouses that will be turned into Glovo dark stores. The sizeable investment was perhaps inevitable – the company has reported a growth rate of 300% year-on-year in 2019 and 2020.

Glovo is far from the only example, of course, with a wave of new companies seeing growth and subsequent investment in the past 18 months. PitchBook Data found that the rapid delivery grocery market has generated nearly $14 billion in funds since the start of the pandemic, with more investment occurring in the first three months of 2021 than the entirety of 2020.

At the top of the ladder is British company, Gorilla, which became the fastest ever unicorn brand earlier this year, having raised €245m in funding and bringing its valuation to $1bn just nine months after its launch. Other names such as Dija, Weezy, and Jiffy have also generated investment (and offer a similar service to Gorilla), making the European q-commerce market a competitive one. 

Big partnerships are happening

It’s not just new companies that are flooding the market. Big companies are similarly investing in q-commerce, with UK supermarkets either partnering with existing rapid delivery services or investing in their own operations – or both. Sainsbury’s, for example, partners with both Uber Eats and Deliveroo, and offers its own ‘Chop Chop’ rapid delivery service. If we needed more evidence that it is taking rapid delivery seriously, the supermarket recently re-launched its same-day delivery and click-and-collect services after pausing them during the pandemic. 

In a statement, Sainsbury’s director of ecommerce, Nigel Blunt said: “Customer demand for shopping online and for getting groceries quickly and conveniently has grown significantly and we are committed to offering customers choice and flexibility – whether that’s within 20 minutes to their front door or picking it up at their local store on their way home from work.”

Groceries aside, big retailers in other categories are also making moves in q-commerce. Boots has recently partnered with Deliveroo to launch an on-demand service from 14 stores around the UK. The partnership means that users can order over-the-counter medicine, toiletries, baby items, and snacks – pitched as products that parents and people who cannot leave home might need. For Deliveroo itself, the partnership marks another move away from takeaway restaurant orders into groceries and other everyday essentials. 

Is it profitable?

The question, of course, is whether or not Q-Commerce is actually a profitable long-term investment? On balance, the on-demand delivery market is widely considered to have low-profit margins, with the last-mile typically being the most expensive part of shipping. Equally, the average order value of customers tends to be low – after all, the whole point is that it is the antithesis of the ‘big shop’. But this doesn’t mean that profitability is impossible, especially with delivery fees, and wider opportunities such as retail partnerships and advertising.

So, despite concerns about the hype, many believe that the ultra-fast business model has big potential, particularly when it comes to companies that own both the grocery inventory and delivery logistics. This means that companies don’t rely on retail partners, instead managing both picking and delivery themselves. JP Morgan analysts have reportedly said that the rise of the q-commerce market could even disrupt the online models of major supermarkets and compete with their convenience formats.

But with so many players entering the market, is q-commerce over-crowded? And more to the point, how can consumers differentiate between multiple, almost identical on-demand grocery companies? Naturally, delivery time is a big focus, hence Gorilla’s tagline, “faster than you,” which almost scoffs at the idea of anyone heading out to the local convenience store themselves. Dija also promises three months free delivery if any order takes more than 11 minutes.

At this stage, the race is still on, with many q-commerce companies focused on customer acquisition and market share rather than profits. So, what does this mean for big retailers? With the majority of them partnering with third-party companies to facilitate the last mile, profit is also a lesser priority, with on-demand delivery instead becoming a new differentiator for customer loyalty (in a similar vein to same- or next-day delivery in the past), as well as customer acquisition as digital adoption continues.

Overall customer demand is also key, of course, and with super-fast delivery mostly still limited to densely populated cities – not to mention customer behaviour still somewhat in flux since the pandemic – it could be a while before a true front-runner emerges. 

Ecommerce: Third-Party Marketplaces Best Practice Guide

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How ActiveCampaign Uses Our Own Platform to Educate Customers and Offer Continual Support

As we’ve mentioned, keeping leads nurtured during the sales process is crucial to keeping them interested, and the same goes for customers once they convert. You can’t expect customers to stick around if they don’t feel supported after the selling stops. The point is to keep the customers you worked so hard to close, and to do that you need to make sure that they feel they’re set up for success.

At ActiveCampaign, we take pride in how much we love our customers. In fact, we’re a bit obsessed with their success, because we’d be nowhere without our 150,000+ customers around the world. We’ve gone so far as to offer the only Customer Success Commitment of its kind, which includes a satisfaction guarantee, a price lock guarantee, and more. We’re dedicated to continued success and long-term growth for each of our customers, whether they’re using our Lite plan with 500 contacts or the Enterprise plan with 500,000 contacts or more. 

Once a customer signs up for ActiveCampaign, we take our task very seriously and ensure that each customer gets the tailored, hands on training they need to get started right away. Once the onboarding period is over, we offer continued support so they have all the information and knowledge they need to make the most out of customer experience automation (CXA) and the  ActiveCampaign platform.

How ActiveCampaign ensures customer support and platform adoption

So many B2B businesses out there think that the customer lifecycle is a straight line, with a beginning point and an endpoint. But for us at ActiveCampaign, we view it as a continuous loop. Too many times, a customer converts, gets set up on the tool they purchased, and then sits there twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next. Your customers won’t thank you for leaving them high and dry once they start paying you, so we’re here to show you how we support our customers and help them grow into the business they’ve always dreamed of.

We constantly say that one size fits all platforms help no one, and the same goes for support and training. While we do have over 150k customers worldwide, we want to give every customer the opportunity for tailored training and onboarding. To do this, we offer a variety of start up training and continued education as they start their CXA journey. 

Our Accelerated Onboarding program is a 90 minute webinar hosted by ActiveCampaign team members with multiple sessions a week in either English, or other supported languages. In each session, the team focuses on key platform management and strategies, so each customer walks away with ideas on how to apply what they learned to their business. The instructors work inside the platform to demonstrate first hand what it takes to run a successful CXA strategy.

Our platform has a lot of features, so most times, 90 minutes isn’t enough for a customer. We understand that, and that’s why we offer our recurring Study Hall sessions! While we aren’t currently travelling due to the global pandemic, our team was able to pivot on a dime and offer Study Hall classes virtually in multiple time zones and languages. Each session aims to dive deeper into areas of the platform like automations, campaign setup, and contact management. 

If customers want to hear about the latest and greatest product and feature enhancements, they can sign up for our free Product Updates webinar! Each month, our Customer Evangelist hosts a session walking through new features and the value they bring to our customers. Walking through tips and tricks and sometimes offering the first look of a new feature, Tim shows hands-on examples inside the platform itself, so the customers have tangible examples to apply to their business.

To promote these sessions and webinars and keep customers coming back, we will track registrants inside the ActiveCampaign platform and send them future sessions on topics they’re interested in and ones that take place in their time zone to make it most convenient for them. Keeping track of small details like that show our customers that we’re here to help when it's convenient for them. Using integrations with Demio, Zoom, and Eventbrite, we can easily pass information back and forth to improve each customer’s experience. 

We continually offer our customers relevant and timely information and updates through nurture sequences using our own ActiveCampaign email and automations. Much like our lead and trial nurture flows, the content and sequence of the emails depends on who the customer is. What industry are they in? What products are they using or not using? Are they integrating with any third party tools? All of these questions help us determine what content to send when, so our customers are always in the know and see what resources are available to continue their success with ActiveCampaign. 

The recipe for successful customer engagement 

Not only do we offer great email templates to help new customers get started fast, but we also have an entire automation recipe marketplace to quickly set up multi-step automation workflows. The marketplace is a one stop shop for ActiveCampaign customers who are looking for an automation template or some inspiration for specific engagements.

These recipes are provided by our team here at ActiveCampaign, but over 200 are actually created and uploaded via other customers, consultants, integration partners, and more. We really rely on our network of users to provide their expertise, so our new customers can see that the recipes they’re introducing to their account actually work and are endorsed by businesses like theirs. 

“Automation recipes have allowed me to re-engage with my audience. I was able to begin with simple recipes to start and move onto more complicated automations to better connect with my customers.”

– Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, Director of FoodieTrails

Inside the marketplace, users can search and filter based on what they’re specifically looking for, whether it be tied to an industry, a use case (Sales, Marketing, Support, etc), or a specific platform feature. If they’re an ecommerce business, they’d likely filter by the ecommerce/retail industry. Or, if they have a certain feature in mind, they might select a filter for Pages, Abandoned Cart, or Site Tracking. A B2B business could filter off the Software industry, and add another layer of filters for the Sales use case and CRM-specific recipes. Is the customer using another language in their account? We offer recipes in French, Germain, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian with more being added every day so users across the world feel supported and set up for success. 

“In just three years, we went from roughly 30 recipes to just over 750, that's a 2410% increase. We went from offering a handful of simple, every-day recipes to offering industry and use-case specific recipes and recipes for the most-used integrations by our customers. It’s really important to us that every customer knows we have their back.”

– Cody Lindley, Sr Marketing Manager, Marketplace

What might be the most surprising about our recipe marketplace, is that it’s managed solely by one ActiveCampaign team member. Cody started working at ActiveCampaign only a few years ago when there were a couple dozen recipes, and has built nearly two thirds of the recipes available today. Want to learn more about the recipe Marketplace and how it works? Check out Cody’s post to get started. 

Just like our recipe marketplace, we understand that customers who are new to customer experience automation (CXA) might start small and grow over time. And what rate businesses grow is different for everyone. Whether growth is fast, or slow and steady, ActiveCampaign is here with the training, recipes, and continued support needed to make the most out of each customer engagement.

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Should Merchants Launch Their Own Marketplaces?

For manufacturers, distributors, and enterprise retailers, owning a marketplace could be a competitive advantage and a key to business growth.

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September 2021 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Since 2005 we’ve published thousands of articles, webinars, and podcast episodes to assist ecommerce merchants. What follows are the most popular articles that we published in September 2021. Articles from early in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

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GetResponse Review 2021

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that has now grown into a full-fledged “all-in-one marketing software.”

This means that along with sending emails to your subscribers, you can now build a website, create a landing page, set up autoresponders & live chats, and create powerful marketing automation, all in one place

GetResponse Pricing Plans

GetResponse offers a wide variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of a greater pool of customers. There are four plans to choose from:

  • Basic: Starts at $15/month with a maximum of 1,000 subscribers. You get the website builder, email marketing features, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, one sales funnel, unlimited leads funnel, and their new chats feature.
  • Plus: Starts at $49/month for 1,000 members. You get everything included in the basic plan along with 5 marketing automation workflows, webinars (max 100 attendees), 5 sales funnel, 3 users, and contact scoring & tagging.
  • Professional: Starts at $99/month for 1,000 subscribers. Everything in the plus plan is included along with unlimited marketing automation, paid webinars, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited webinar funnels, etc.
  • Max: This plan has custom pricing. It includes everything in the professional plan along with SSO login, multiple accounts and users, dedicated support, and transactional emails.

There are a couple of things that make GetResponse’s pricing plans stand apart from its competitors:

  • You can increase the list size from 1,000 in any plan of your choice up to 100,000. This is useful for when you want a lower-tier plan but need more subscribers.
  • You can choose your billing period and get discounts accordingly. There’s the monthly period where you pay for the plan each month. But choosing to opt for a yearly plan gives you a discount of 18% and choosing to go for a two-year billing period gives you a whopping 30%. There are hardly such discounts for annual sign-ups in other services.
  • You get a free trial of 30-days in each plan. No credit card required.
  • GetResponse offers up to 50% discount to Non-profit companies.
  • There are certain eCommerce tools that would be useful for small businesses. There’s a store and products center that serves as an inventory, recommendations based on past purchases, etc

GetResponse Key Email Marketing Features

GetResponse started as an email marketing software. Later, it kept enhancing its features to become friendly for eCommerce companies as well. You can create a newsletter, forms, autoresponders, landing pages, etc. using GetResponse.

Newsletters & Autoresponders

The newsletter is simple to create using GetResponse’s drag-and-drop editor. You can choose from pre-designed templates, create a template to reuse of your own, or use an HTML editor.

You can also create personalized emails using your subscribers’ first names, etc.

While the templates are easy to use, they aren’t as intuitive or design-friendly as other providers like Mailchimp.

Apart from this, there are a few standout newsletter features in GetResponse:

  • GetResponse predicts if your email has any chance of landing in the Spam folder and informs you proactively
  • Along with the usual click tracking, you can also leverage eCommerce tracking and Google Analytics tracking. Ecommerce tracking allows you to get a workflow of buyer behavior after they’ve clicked a link on your email — are they buying your product, abandoning their carts, etc. GA allows you to monitor how much of the traffic you get on your site is owed to your email campaigns
  • GetResponses feature “Perfect timing” delivers your email to subscribers based on their past history. This allows you to send emails when recipients are the most likely to open it

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Happy Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month From ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by Karyn Acevedo and Avy Kea.

Have you ever wondered why Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th? This particular date marks the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)—with others (Mexico and Chile) to follow. This 30-day period aims to celebrate the culture, achievements, and contributions of those individuals with Hispanic and Latin roots.

In this blog post, we’re excited to hear from our Senior Email Marketing Specialist & ActivelyLatinx ERG Co-Lead, and DEI Program Manager talk about their work to make this month special for ActiveCampaign colleagues of Latinx/Hispanic heritage.

Meet Karyn, ActivelyLatinx ERG Co-Lead

My name is Karyn Acevedo and I am the Senior Email Marketing Specialist. The best thing about what I do is getting to work collaboratively with so many different teams across the organization for all things email! Whether we’re announcing a promotion or building an automation, our team brings ideas to life.

Aside from my day-to-day role, I am also a co-lead for ActiveCampaign’s ERG ActivelyLatinx. The efforts behind this group is to build community and equity within and among our Latinx employees, create valuable programming for career growth, and give back to our community. I joined the ERG in 2019 as a member, and was later prompted to get more involved as a co-lead.

I was at a point in my career progression where it was more important to me to be a part of something bigger than my day to day. I wanted to contribute and make an impact in a space outside of my individual role. Since joining leadership, my co-lead Jay and I, made it our mission to make community the foundation of our ERG. We are continuing to create a space where our Latinx employees feel a sense of belonging, partake in open dialogue, and bring their whole selves to work.

One of our first company-wide initiatives was the recognition and celebration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month. We’re hosting various events surrounding what this celebration means, learning more about the Latinx perspective and how important it is to acknowledge these things in the workplace.

Employee Spotlights was my favorite initiative.. I reached out to many of the members of our ERG for an interview to get to know them more on both a professional and personal level. These interviews were published throughout the month, and every other day a Latinx employee has been highlighted to the company for our colleagues to learn more about them and how they’ve contributed to the success of ActiveCampaign. In this newer (mostly) remote workspace, it has been a way for us to learn more about the people we may not work with regularly and publicly recognize their contributions.

One of the best ways ActiveCampaign has focused on Diversity and Inclusion has been through our monthly ActivePerspectives program. This program brings on guest speakers of all different backgrounds and walks of life to share their experiences.

Our ERG has even had the privilege of partnering with the DEI team to invite ​​Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez, author of For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts, and owner/founder of LatinaRebels as a guest speaker. The event will be focused on Prisca’s story as a first generation Latina, challenges she has faced, obstacles she has overcome, and how she’s been a voice for people of color.

Although it is important to recognize Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month in the workplace, what’s even more important is that ActiveCampaign continues to build an environment that acknowledges and celebrates all communities year round. Every member of our organization plays a role in creating this space of diversity and inclusion.

Meet Avy, DEI Program Manager

I’m Avy, and I joined ActiveCampaign four months ago as the DEI Program Manager. I was drawn to ActiveCampaign during my job search because one of the company’s core values is to cultivate inclusion and diversity. I loved hearing about the different ways ActiveCampaign instills its core values into the organization: requiring DEI training, creating spaces for open dialogue, organizing company-wide DEI events focused on celebration and intersectionality, and supporting its seven employee resource groups.

Now that I’m here, I can truly say it is both an honor and a privilege to be in a position where my job allows me to work with a DEI team that plays an active role in creating an inclusive culture.

Our DEI team aims to empower our colleagues to take initiative to be leaders in this space and practice allyship. It is also our belief that efforts to promote diversity and inclusion can be praiseworthy but not sustainable without equity. Centering equity is key to providing all employees with fair opportunities to attain their full potential.

My role as DEI Program Manager positions me to work closely with our ERGs to increase cultural awareness, support ActiveCampaign’s diversity goals, increase business impact, and enhance the sense of community among our employees. I also lead the execution of our company-wide DEI engagement (e.g. ActivePerspectives, events/programs) to promote awareness and ongoing dialogue on topics related to DEI.

Celebrating Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month is a real-life example of what cultivating inclusion and diversity looks like at ActiveCampaign. Leaders like Karyn work diligently to create moments for celebration and to recognize the contributions of our Latinx employees. Although we encourage our colleagues to explore the history behind Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month on their own, there are additional opportunities to learn about the Latinx perspectives through special programming such as members-only events, open access meetings, employee spotlights, and our upcoming ActivePerspectives event.

This event is made possible because of our partnership with ActivelyLatinx, and it will be focused on Prisca’s story as a first-generation Latina and her experiences with imposter syndrome—themes that strongly resonate with our ActivelyLatinx members and the larger ActiveCampaign community. Our goal for this discussion is to not only further educate our colleagues on these themes but to also lift diverse Latinx perspectives through thoughtful programming.

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month may only be on the calendar for 30 days, but at ActiveCampaign, the celebration and acknowledgement of our colleagues of Latinx/Hispanic heritage will not stop.

Because to us, these events and activities are more than just programming and Slack posts in a channel dedicated to DEI—they are opportunities for our colleagues to learn, find community, and support one another. They are opportunities that have no expiration dates and that will continue to be the backbone of how ActiveCampaign cultivates inclusion and diversity.

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Best affiliate tracking for app installs?

I have an affiliate program and looking for a tool to replace branch. I'd like the ability to payout automatically via PayPal and the ability to track mobile installs.

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How ActiveCampaign & PlusThis Create World-Class Customer Experiences

This post was contributed by Bryce Christiansen of PlusThis.

Tell me if you’ve seen this situation happen before.

You’re on Facebook, and an entrepreneur from one of your Facebook groups posts an elaborate example of a tactic they want to do with ActiveCampaign. They need a system to talk to another system. Furthermore, it needs to update a field and then trigger a tag that starts another automation.

And then the entrepreneur ends the post with something like: “Oh, and I want this to all work natively in ActiveCampaign…no other tools…no third party help…and it should be free…can someone do this?”

The truth is, I used to be this guy.

Why You Need a Tech Stack

I thought every tool was an expense. And it wasn’t until I shifted my mindset into every tool helps me scale that I started to see my business results change.

Tech stacks are growing for small businesses. Gartner, one of the largest research and advisory companies in this space, noted that technology spend accounts for the largest proportion of marketing budgets at 26%. Moreover, 68% of CMOs expect their (already significant) investments to only increase in 2021.

I love my tech stack. Over the last six years, I’ve grown PlusThis from a bootstrapped startup to a multi-million dollar tech company using ActiveCampaign, Zoom, ClickFunnels, PlusThis, Zapier, Facebook, and Leadpages.

There’s no doubt I couldn’t have gotten where we are as a business without it, and PlusThis is at the top of that tech stack list.

What is PlusThis?

plusthis campaign toolkit
PlusThis is a campaign toolkit consisting of 40+ tools and integrations for ActiveCampaign customers. It gives you the power to integrate your favorite tools, add urgency to your offers, and save time with automations.

For example, with Twilio, you can send two-way automated text messages inside of ActiveCampaign for less than a penny a text. Our Zoom and GoToWebinar integrations allow you to send reminders, join links, and follow-up based on attendance. And lastly, for anyone using video, we can trigger follow-up messages based on how long someone watches.

Many of our tools are built around helping you convert more leads into customers. For instance, you can add urgency to your campaigns with countdown timers, expiring offers, smart links, and scarcity triggers. Or you can run surveys and quiz funnels to store the results in fields or apply tags based on their answers.

When we add tools and integrations to PlusThis, it helps the business or entrepreneur grow revenue, save time with a process, or provide a wow experience for a customer.

Here are some popular examples of how ActiveCampaign customers are taking their marketing stack to the next level with PlusThis.

PlusThis Helps You With Growth

  • Evergreen Offers: Create genuine evergreen expiring offers with Smart Links and Countdown Timers.
  • Facebook/Instagram Retargeting: Retarget your webinar attendees with testimonial ads for your program.
  • Deals Automation: Tag a salesperson to reach out to a lead that watched 50% or more of your sales page video.
  • Testimonial and Referrals: Send an NPS survey to your customers, then automatically send the highly satisfied customers to a landing page to leave a testimonial or referral.
  • SMS Reminders: Send a text message after a consultation call and apply a tag for more follow-up if they click the link to your sales page.

PlusThis Helps You Save Time

  • Webinar Automation: Automatically register people for your webinar and apply tags for attendance without having to export and import contacts from Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam.
  • Easier Automation Filtering: Have automations that branch into 20+ if/else statements? Decision Maker gives you the option to filter people based on multiple rules and keep your automations organized, clean, and easy to follow.
  • Survey Integrations: Store survey results and apply tags and automation based on contacts’ answers. No need to manually enter it.

PlusThis Helps You Wow Customers

  • Video Triggers: Tag your contacts based on how long they watch any of your videos and deliver an experience that behaves accordingly, like unlocking bonuses for completing a video.
  • Document Signing: Get back to leads immediately after they sign a Docusign agreement. Have your deals updated when contracts are completed.
  • Interactive Text Messaging: Send SMS messages that are interactive. For example, ask if customers would like to get updates when new t-shirt designs come out. If they respond yes, automatically send a reply that says they’ll be the first to see new designs and have a chance to pre-order and tag them to get updates in ActiveCampaign.

How Stephen Scoggins Uses PlusThis to Grow His Coaching Business

Stephen Scoggins is the founder of The Journey Principles Institute. He runs an online virtual event for $47 to help people access their potential.

After the bootcamp, Stephen has a one-time offer for $997 to join his online training platform. To help drive sales for the program and truly make it a limited-time offer, they use PlusThis Countdown Timers and Smart Links.

In the offer email, leads can click the link to access the sales page for the special offer. The cool thing about the link is that it’s a PlusThis Smart Link. So, that link only goes to the sales page if they click it within 24 hours of the virtual event ending. Otherwise, it goes to his regular offer page.

plusthis countdown timer email example

The PlusThis countdown timer is dynamic, driving home the point that the offer will expire and adding urgency for attendees to make a decision.

Stephen calls PlusThis a must-have add-on for these two tools alone.

“My customers know that when I do a 24 hour offer, it really expires after 24 hours. And this builds trust along with our client base. That’s how to best use PlusThis, that’s how we use it, make sure to do the same,” says Stephen.

How PlusThis Works With ActiveCampaign

PlusThis integrates directly with ActiveCampaign, making it easy to use for specific marketing efforts.

Want a sweet Countdown Timer for your next sale? No problem, just configure your timer in PlusThis, then we’ll give you the embed code to copy in your email or website.

plusthis countdown timer
Want to register someone for a webinar if they fill out a form on your site? Configure where you want to store the join links, what tags you want to apply when people attend, or other details. PlusThis gives you a URL you can copy and paste into ActiveCampaign’s automation builder to trigger PlusThis to register someone.

plusthis zoom webinar connection

Why You Should Consider PlusThis, Even If You Hate Addons

1. Get 40+ tools and integrations in one package

activecampaign plusthis integration
The analogy I like to give is that you can think of ActiveCampaign as Batman. It’s strong, robust, and capable of doing plenty on its own. However, sometimes Batman likes to carry around his utility belt to pull out a Batarang, grapple, or other tools when the situation arises. That’s the role we try to fill with PlusThis.

2. PlusThis adds new tools and exclusive ActiveCampaign additions regularly

As an integration partner, we get to know the software we connect with really well.

plusthis deals
For example, our ActiveCampaign customers love the Deals feature; however, it didn’t have a way to automatically adjust the stages or update fields. Within a few days, we were able to create a tool to solve this.

3. PlusThis' support has a deep understanding of ActiveCampaign

We have tools that play inside the automation builder, email templates, deals, and contact records. So, to support our customers, we need to know how to help ActiveCampaign customers.

4. Get access to the same tools the experts use to create world-class customer experiences

plusthis tools experts
One of my favorite things to do each year is to connect with our expert customers like Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, Mari Smith, and Daymond John. I learn how they use our tools, so we can pass those strategies on to our customers. We collect these strategies in a PDF download we call Campaigns of the Titans.

Top Ways ActiveCampaign Customers Use PlusThis

There are hundreds of ways to use the tools in PlusThis, but here are a few popular use cases.

1. Advanced SMS for appointment reminders and text to opt-ins

PlusThis adds advanced automated SMS, so you can store replies in fields, collect leads with a text to opt-in, or send conditional messages based on their responses.

Many customers like to use text in their appointment reminders. Instead of just sending a boring one-way reminder, our customers have their appointments confirm they’re coming by replying with a yes or no. Based on the text they send, we can trigger a follow-up message in ActiveCampaign.

two way sms automation

2. Webinar registration and reminders

PlusThis has integrations with the top webinar platforms, including Zoom, GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar. PlusThis handles registration and follow-up directly in ActiveCampaign passing join links and start times.

webinar registration automation

3. Video tracking and tagging based on how long someone watched

Our Video Triggers tool has quickly become a must-have feature for ActiveCampaign customers. Using PlusThis, you can trigger a follow-up based on how long someone watches one of your videos.

We use this feature with our webinar replays to quickly find our hottest leads. When we finish a webinar or make one available on-demand, we use Video Triggers to help us follow up automatically with those who consume 75% or more of the video.

video tracking tagging

4. Move leads to different Deal stages in ActiveCampaign automatically

When a consumer makes a purchase, you shouldn’t have to change their stage in Deals from Open to Won manually. Instead, the Deals tool in PlusThis can be triggered from an ActiveCampaign automation to move the contact’s stage to the appropriate option automatically.

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Wow Your Customers With ActiveCampaign & PlusThis

PlusThis is an essential piece of the small business toolkit. PlusThis wants to make it easy for you to try, so every new customer gets a free 30-day trial. Join ActiveCampaing and PlusThis to create a memorable customer experience.

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Product Photography, Part 7: Magnification and Close-ups

The best product photos provide online shoppers with precise detail to know what to expect when the goods arrive. Specialty magnified shots can help. This is the seventh post in my series on helping ecommerce merchants elevate their product photography.

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