Want to Generate More Leads? Finish this Statement…

This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” — a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience and business growth — one topic at a time. Register here and conquer the customer experience!

What is ‘lead generation’ ?

Lead generation is the process of creating or building consumer interest for your product or service, with the goal of turning that interest into a sale.

Collecting new leads lets you educate and nurture potential customers through:

  • Email marketing
  • Your blog articles
  • Your social media posts
  • Webinars
  • Any other content channels you have

Lead nurturing happens before, or alongside, you (or your sales team) contact them directly to convert them into a customer.

This leaves you with leads in 2 different places:

You have new leads, or contacts that have newly become interested.

These are the leads that follow you on social media, read your blog, or have signed up for your newsletter. These leads have taken actions that qualify them for your marketing messaging.

Or, as they’re commonly (and quite literally) referred to as — Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs.

But you’ve also got leads that are further along in the process.

These are leads that:

  • Attended a few of your events
  • Converted on a landing page for an offer
  • Signed up for a demo or to be contacted by a salesperson

These leads have taken actions that indicate some level of purchase intent. These actions make them qualified for Sales to contact — and they’re commonly called Sales Qualified Leads, or SQLs.

MQLs and SQLs are a pretty basic dichotomy, and you can divide and classify them further if you want to.

You might have different levels of each type of lead. You might need something in between the two.

Some businesses have a lot of different MQLs that depend on their nurture cycle. Some businesses don’t have any at all — customers just buy directly from them on their website or in a store.

Your lead classification is going to depend on your business, your buying cycle, your offering, and any number of other factors.

Now, in the investigations up to this point, there are 2 golden rules when it comes to improving the customer experience:

  1. Know your customer
  2. Manage your customer’s expectations

In order to manage your customer’s expectations you have to have a customer. And in order to have a customer you have to have generated a lead.

Lead generation is easier when you know who your customers are.

When you know:

  • What they care about
  • What problem you solve for them
  • What they know about that problem
  • Which questions they ask
  • The words they use to describe the problem
  • Where they go to find answers
  • How you solve the problem

These details make it much easier for you to generate leads.

When you can answer these questions — you know which answers to give them, what type of content to create, and where to put the content.

This is all to help your potential customers find you, use your content to their benefit, and become a lead.

On our recent episode of “Growth Decoded” we sat down with a best-selling author, an internationally acclaimed speaker, a college educator, a prolific blogger, and a successful marketing and business consultant.

Lucky for us, it was all the same person — Mark W. Schaefer.

Our conversation with Mark and investigation of “Lead Generation” took place in 2 parts.

Part I

  • How should you approach the process of lead generation?
  • Why is lead generation so hard?
  • How should you approach lead generation?
  • What do you need to get right before you get out there and start trying to find new customers?
  • How do you find the right people, and then what?

Part II — What are some tried and true tactics for lead generation?

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Landing pages
  3. Asking your audience to share your content
  4. Reaching out to people 1 on 1
  5. Partnering with others in your industry

The most important thing for lead generation:

It's important to remember that the most important thing you can do is to really get to know your customers.

Who are they? Why do they do business with you? What do you give them that others don’t?

What are the problems they have that you solve? How do they talk about those problems? Where do they go for answers? Where are the “islands” ?

The statement you must be able to finish:

Once you know who your customers are and why they’re your customers and not anyone else’s — THEN you can finish that statement —

“Only we…”

The combination of your “Only we…” and your deep understanding of your customers is going to inform you of where your potential customers are, and what they’re looking for.

When you nail that down, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what to do next, and how to do it in a way that generates new leads.

This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience and business growth — one topic at a time. Register here and conquer the customer experience!

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Dropdooms! How Binding an Unbounded Reference Table Can Kill Your UI’s Performance

It’s a situation you never want to find yourself: Client support pulls you into a call with a large client, and they’re not happy. The website is slow! You need to fix it!

You know that websites can almost always be more responsive, but it’s not bad enough to justify this level of frustration. You start to ask questions. Where do things get slow? The “Add a New Deal” screen? That’s a simple page, there’s nothing going on there.

You go through the process of testing and pull it up on:

  • Your dev environment. You see a sub-second load time.
  • The test environment in production. There’s a sub-second load time there, too.
  • The client’s account. The load time is only 45 seconds.

How could that be? You wonder if the client’s database is overloaded. You check but the rest of their account is responsive.

That’s when you spot it — the stage dropdown has 25,000 elements.

You’ve been dropdoomed!

What is a dropdoom?

[alt text]A dropdown that operates fine with no loading issues.

A dropdoom is a regular DROPDOWN UI element that is populated from a user-generated list. When the dropdown gets more than (roughly) 300 elements it will start impacting page rendering. And that’s when it switches from a dropdown to a dropdoom.

[alt text]The same screen now takes 3 seconds to load.

Even on fast computers, dropdowns with more than a few hundred elements are going to slow down page rendering.

With the example covered above, the developers gave clients the ability to add custom deal stages. The assumption that the list would be short — how many stages can a deal have? Apparently 25,000! The clients generated so much data that rendering the dropdown became a performance bottleneck. Since only the client could see their own data, the developer didn’t know that the issue existed until the client called to complain.

Other examples of real dropdooms encountered include:

  • Assigning a task to an employee using a dropdown with all employees. This worked fine at first — until the company expanded to 2,000 employees. A combined total of 6 dropdooms added 20 seconds to the page rendering time. Using the task system became a chore, and eventually people stopped using it entirely.
  • A multi-select dropdown with all the tags a user has created. The page loaded in less than a second for clients with only a dozen tags. It became an issue when a client had 80,000 tags, increasing load time to over 30 seconds.
  • A survey with a dropdown to select your favorite European city. The dropdown showed a list of the largest 2,080 cities in Europe. That one element added 3 additional seconds to the survey’s load time.

What causes a dropdoom?

Most of the time fields will only have a handful of options. But some fields will always be growing, slowly at first, and then an exponential explosion. When things go bad, it isn’t the user’s fault for hiring too many employees, creating too many tags, or running a survey with too many cities.

You’ve handed the user experience to the users, but kept control of the interface. And sometimes, clients will abuse a feature on accident – those 80,000 tags were a result of a developer developing against the API.

What is the solution for a dropdoom?

Instead of a simple dropdown, the safest default option is a type-ahead search. This requires users to have some idea what to type in order to make results appear.

Other options include:

  • The top 10 options plus a type-ahead option
  • An interstitial/pop-up with all the options in paginated results
  • A mix of top options and an interstitial option

There’s no magic solution, and it can be easy to blame the user. Users will always do things you don’t expect and might not make sense to you — but they’re not developers, you are. Making safe tools to protect the user from inadvertently impacting performance is your job. When you can think ahead and plan for possible outcomes, you can solve the problem before it even starts — and avoid a dreaded dropdoom.

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[Case Study] Easy 106% ROI on BidVertiser Pops in 2 Days

If you’re having trouble turning campaigns profitable quickly, take a look at how this advertiser flipped a losing campaign to 100% ROI in just a couple of days! What tricks did the advertiser use to arrive quickly at such results? Let’s find out. Traffic Source: BidVertiser Ad Type: Pops Period: September 16-18, 2021 Vertical: Sweepstakes… View Article

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Manage Your B2B Relationships More Effectively With New Account Updates

When a customer isn’t a single contact, but a business with multiple contacts, how do you track activity, know what stage in your pipeline a prospect is at, and understand when — and who — to follow up with?

Accounts in the ActiveCampaign CRM let you capture details about the businesses you work with and keep it all organized and easily actionable. You can see all contacts associated with a business, store and track details in account fields, use account fields to segment and personalize emails, and create multiple deals for an account. And now, you can do even more.

We’ve released new account updates that make it even easier to build and maintain better business-to-business (B2B) experiences. You now have the ability to:

  • Easily filter your accounts to quickly get the details you need
  • Assign an account owner to better manage every B2B relationship
  • Automatically add notes to an account within an automation

Quickly find what you need with advanced account filtering

[alt text]Organize your accounts by standard and custom fields.

On the Accounts Overview page, you can filter your business accounts by standard and custom fields so you can quickly see which accounts meet the criteria you set. In addition to filtering options, you can search for specific accounts — and you can even combine both filters and search to narrow down your list further. This lets you better organize your accounts in any way that makes the most sense for your business, like by rep and region to make territory mapping easier.

Assign an account owner to manage relationships and keep teams aligned

[alt text]Account owners help keep teams aligned to give customers better experiences.

Who is ultimately responsible for an account? It’s important for teams to have internal clarity to avoid potential poor experiences for prospects and customers — like if two sales reps reach out to upsell the same customer, for example. Being able to assign an account owner helps manage the relationships for every contact associated with an account, for more seamless and coordinated experiences.

An account owner is someone on your team who is assigned an account to manage. An account owner could be a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, or an Account Manager — and can help each of them be more efficient.

  • Sales reps. Easily identify your accounts, and make sure that everyone else knows which accounts are yours. You’ll also be able to easily transition the account ownership to a teammate. For instance, after winning a deal, you can re-assign the contact to an account manager.
  • Sales managers. Get the full context of every account, along with the ability to assign and update accounts. The new account owner functionality lets you easily scan, filter, and view account ownership.
  • Account Management. As a success rep or account manager, knowing who owns the account will make it easy to reach out to the right person if there’s a question or follow-up, letting you provide a better customer experience. And if you own the account, your colleagues will know to reach out to you.

Automatically add important details to an account with the account note automation action

[alt text]The new note automation action makes it easy to add context to your account records and keep everyone on the same page.

It’s important for B2B sales teams to be able to include notes on account activities for their teams to reference — like when a new contact is added to an account.

Now you can automate adding a note to an account as part of an automation flow. The account note automation action lets you document account activities, saving you time that you can focus elsewhere.

How does it work?

  • Add an account note action step into an automation
  • Include personalization tags from contacts, deals, and accounts for added insight
  • Once a contact goes through the automation the note will be added to their account
  • The contact’s record will also show that the note was added to their account
  • The account note action will be skipped if a contact doesn't have an associated account

Some of the ways you can automate adding a note to an account record include:

  • A contact's custom field has changed
  • A tag has been added to a contact
  • A contact has submitted a form and are therefore added to an account

Relationships are important in the B2B world. ActiveCampaign’s CRM lets you use sales engagement automation to help you prioritize and grow your B2B relationships through unified sales and marketing. With this growing suite of B2B-focused CRM capabilities, we are giving sales teams the right context to build and maintain trust throughout the entire buying cycle, with personalized outreach at every stage.

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November 2021 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Our mission since 2005 is to publish independent content to help ecommerce merchants. What follows are the 10 most popular articles that we published in November 2021. Articles from early in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

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Ecommerce Product Releases: November 30, 2021

Here is a list of product releases and updates for late November from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on live-stream shopping, holiday shipping, drone deliveries, direct-to-consumer marketing, buy-now pay-later services, cloud training, and sustainable ecommerce.

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What does “get 20% when customers purchase using your referral link **within 30 days**”, what will happen after 30 days ( I have 1 link only to promote after I joined the program )

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Law of Attraction: 29 Best Spiritual and Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2022

We always recommend that you go for a niche you're familiar in, a niche you have a knowledge or interest in. The spiritual niche is neither for me. It's one of the niches in ClickBank I haven't looked into and don't plan on going into. But I wanted to show you that you can enter any niche you want, as long as you do your homework.

The Spiritual niche is a big one made up of several smaller sub-niches. There's the law of attraction, mind power, meditation and healing, affirmations, and motivation. If you're interested in this niche, then I suggest you focus on a specific sub-niche, like meditation or motivation for the youth. You can expand to the other sub-niches later on.

Post Contents

You won’t find any direct reference to the spiritual niche being an industry or it being profitable. You need to take the niche apart and look at the profitability of each individual sub-niches. For the most part, you’d see most of them go under another main niche, the self-help or self-improvement niche.

As an industry, the self-improvement niche is estimated to reach a US$14B value by 2025. It is one of the industries affected by the pandemic, but has turned itself around through maximizing its use of virtual meeting platforms, apps, and eBooks.

There’s more to this niche than meets the eye, but first, let’s get to know the affiliate programs in this niche that will help us in our spiritual and financial journey.

Top 10 Spiritual Affiliate Programs

Here are the best of

Soji Energy

Creates and sells beautifully-designed water bottles that are infused with healing crystals.

Commission:  15% to 25% per sale
Cookie duration: 90 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

This is a popular Law of Attraction course. It shows you how to manifest and achieve success.

Commission: 50%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Yoga Download

Bring Yoga with you anywhere with their app. Yoga enthusiasts get access to thousands of classes and music. They also have a clothing store.

Commission:  12%, 30% for teachers and studios
Cookie duration: 90 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


Get access to hundreds of psychics that offer tarot, spiritual and love readings.

Commission Rates: $75 for every first deposit
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Offers a guide on how to pray effectively and manifest your miracles.

Commission: up to 90% commission
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank


Creating and selling premium audio and visual meditation tools since it began in 1988. Their products are a natural alternative to managing stress and anxiety.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 60 Days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


Offers a selection of audio tracks and meditation tools to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and deepen one’s spiritual life.

Commission: 40%
Cookie duration: 1 year
Affiliate Network: Infusionsoft

Teal Swan

Best-selling author of internationally published books and frequency painting artist Teal Swan shares her journey and teaches people how to transform their pain. Her website and online shop offers meditation Ebooks, audio, and card decks.

Commission: up to 40%
Cookie: 45 days
Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

Sounds True

Tami Simon started Sounds True in 1985, and it has since grown into an extensive library of books, music and courses on transformational teachings that guide their readers as they go through their own spiritual and personal awakening.

Commission: 35%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network:  Post Affiliate Pro

Live and Dare

Popular meditation blog Live and Dare by speaker and author Giovanni Dienstmann has a variety of meditation books and courses. He also offers coaching sessions.

Commission: 40%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

The following spiritual affiliate programs may not seem as profitable, but they are still worth looking into:


On their About page, they explain that “sivana” means “oasis of enlightenment”. They sell healing gemstones, sustainable clothing and spiritual decor.

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: Refersion

Better Listen!

Offers a wide collection of audio programs that cover meditation, wellness, spirituality and personal growth.

Commission:  15%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Trinity Road

The Catholic Company,, and Catholic Coffee are just a few of the brands under Trinity Road.

Each brand offers its own set of products.

Commission:  10% per sale
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: CJ Affiliate

15 Minute Manifestation

A self-help audio that helps you sleep and focus better. In turn you are able to better manifest your desires and succeed.

Commission:  75%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

 Shambhala Publications

Based in Colorado, Shambhala Publications create books, audio tracks and courses that aim to develop a kindhearted, contemplative community.

Commission:  10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: Rakuten Linkshare

Cosmos with Love

More metaphysical than spiritual, Cosmos with Love has a bevy of products that help you find your true calling, your soulmate,  and spirit animal.

Commission: 75%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Spiritual Intelligence Training

They offer coaching and training programs on emotional and spiritual intelligence so you can feel, think and perform better.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration:
Affiliate Network: In-House

Enlightened Beings

Creates and sells manifestation and meditation books. You can also book personal manifestation sessions with Enlightened Beings founder, Jafree Ozwald.

Commission: 50%
Cookie duration:
Affiliate Network:  In-House

The Psychic Tree

A one-stop shop for essential oils, crystals, books… anything and everything you need for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Commission: 4%
Cookie duration: 7 days
Affiliate Network: Affiliate Gateway


They have a wide range of self-help classes including those that tackle spirituality that, similar to the other spiritual and wellbeing courses here, elevate the mind and help you become better individuals.

Commission: 30%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network:  In-House

Sage Goddess

A “metaphysical” store that offers gems, classes and resources to help practitioners in their spiritual practice and journey.

Commission: 7% commission
Cookie duration: 24 hours
Affiliate Network: In-House

Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathers  is a Law of Attraction course that teaches “destiny tuning” to help in personal growth.

Commission: 75%

Cookie Length: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

The Mindfulness Summit

Founded by Melli O’Brien and Matt Dickenson, the Mindfulness Summit is a not-for-profit project that has put together the experts on mindfulness and meditation to form a collection of interviews and presentations.

Commission: 50%

Cookie Length: —
Affiliate Network: In-House

Dharma Crafts

Founded in 1979, Dyan Eagles’ Dharma Crafts sells an assortment of meditation supplies such as cushions, jewelry, yoga mats, incense, and more.

Commission: 9%

Cookie Length: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Buddha Groove

This family-owned online shop offers various jewelry, clothing, and wellness products.

Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Bean Products, Inc.

Chicago-based Bean Products, Inc. has been manufacturing sustainable home and wellness products. Their products range from yoga mats to dog beds.

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Mukha Yoga

Offers a wide range of Yoga clothing and accessories.

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: AvantLink or Impact

Jonathan Parker

Dr. Jonathan Parker is a counselor and author. He has created several hundred audio programs to support people in their journey to personal growth. His website also offers workshops and private sessions.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


A yoga and lifestyle brand that carries an assortment of yoga clothing and accessories alongside fitness equipment.

Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie duration: 10 days
Affiliate Network: Linkshare

Sura Flow

Founded by Sura, a professional meditation teacher and coach, the namesake website offers online meditation courses. Primary to these courses is Liberate, an intensive and immersive meditation training course.

Commission: 14%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

Lay The Path to Discovery

After getting the website up, the next big step is to let the rest of the world know that your awesome site is now live. There are a lot of ways to do this and some of them are:

Blog and Forum Commenting

There are forums and blogs on various aspects of spirituality. Depending on the sub-niche you decide on (meditation, law of attraction, etc.), you can search for blogs and forums that are also in the same niche. You can then participate in those discussions and share your thoughts and experiences.

Always make sure to check the terms of each forum you're participating in, and be mindful of the comments you leave on blogs. Blog and forum commenting is not just about building backlinks. This is one of the ways you can build relationships within the niche, and interact with your target market.

Amazon Kindle Traffic

There's plenty of information and information-sharing in the spirituality niche. This can be a disadvantage because it means there's a lot of websites out there already with more or less the same information. What you can do is to gather as much of this information, form your own opinions and thoughts about it, then publish it as a small eBook on Amazon.

Another, much easier, way is to buy PLR packs on the spiritual niche, re-write them and publish as an eBook you can share on Amazon. You can charge a small fee for each download of the eBook but I think free is better because who doesn't want a free book?

The key to this method is to make sure that your eBook has links to relevant articles on your site. That's how you'll get traffic from your eBook to your site.

Social Media Marketing

This is a method that should never be overlooked. Social media platforms remain a solid source of traffic. You can either create a page for your website and become another beacon or join the conversation and community around similar pages. Either way, be sure to funnel this traffic back to your own website to increase visibility of your affiliate offers.

Spiritual Affiliate Programs: The Path to Better Health and Wealth?

There are plenty of products in this niche you can promote and you can take your pick from several of the sub-niches. The commissions are good enough, but I am not sure if it can more than make up for the competition because there is quite a bit of competition in this niche.

There are plenty of good keywords you can target though, so with the right products and a steady stream of content and link building, you can find success in this niche, whether you are on the quest for enlightenment or not.

I hope you like this week's Niche of the Week! Please make sure to share it using the Share buttons below. I always love to hear from you so please leave a comment!



Webinar: Driving Business Growth and Transforming B2B Customer Experiences with Digital Commerce in 2022

Join this session, with Avanade’s Timur Asar and customer Michael Jacobi with Siemens Healthineers, to learn about the trends shaping digital experience for B2B organizations, and why more than a third of top-performing manufacturing companies believe they will generate at least 50% of their sales through digital platforms within two years.

The need to connect with customers on their terms is greater than ever. Missed opportunities to engage effectively directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Your website needs to be a key engagement hub, inviting customers to take action no matter where they are in their journey with your company, including the capability for frictionless transactions.

To capture that massive growth opportunity, it’s time to reimagine commerce. In this webinar we’ll:

  • Discuss the role of B2B Commerce in today’s digital first and customer-centric world.
  • Discuss how B2B growth prediction for digital channels has to be met with an improved experienced, better commerce, and a solid data foundation.
  • Review how to enable business growth on your digital channels, and where to start if you are at the beginning of that journey or have faced obstacles and complexities.
  • Touch on steps to focus on and tips for creating a roadmap and business case.
  • Discover how harnessing the power of digital commerce gives businesses more control over their brand promise, more visibility into their sales performance, and more opportunities to create growth across marketplaces and channels.

Register Now

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Product Photography, Part 14: Optimizing for Speed, Search

The final step in product photography is optimizing the images for search engines and page speed. This is the 14th installment in my series on helping ecommerce merchants create better product images. In this post, I'll address making your photos faster to download and more visible in Google's image search.

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