Tailor Product Descriptions to the Channel and Audience

Product descriptions are vital to attracting website traffic and closing sales. But the type of description to use depends on your target audience and the channel, beyond your own ecommerce site. Potential customers are everywhere.

Telling each product’s story in different forms can lead to bigger payoffs. It’s also tricky.

Generate these eight types of descriptions for your most promising products.

8 Description Types

Comprehensive catalog descriptions. The highly-detailed product page description covers what the item does and the pain point(s) it solves. Formatting content with bullet points, images, and video can tell shoppers everything they need to know.

Overviews ready to share. Shareable descriptions are brief overviews that entice readers to click a call-to-action. Format the overviews for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. Consider creating separate versions for each channel. Tweets, for example, contain no more than 280 characters. And leave room for sharers to enter a few words of their own.

Shopping-feed details. Shopping feeds require specific information based on product types. Some sites want expanded descriptions, aside from the data feeds. Depending on your target market, existing content might not work.

Meta descriptions for organic search. Meta descriptions can appear beneath page titles in Google’s search results. Allow for about 160 characters apiece. Meta descriptions can influence searchers to click to your page. Contributor Jill Kocher Brown explained how meta descriptions should incorporate keywords and a meaningful call-to-action.

Quick details for category pages. Since a quick-look feature requires movement — hovering with a mouse or tapping with a finger — displaying details that shoppers use to filter search results can help close sales. From touting limited editions to trending special features, presenting key info on category pages saves shoppers time.

Category page of t-shirts. Under some are words telling shoppers available sizes, limited inventory and exclusives.

Quick descriptions can depict available sizes, as well as brands and unique details. Source:

Affiliate and referrer descriptions. Provide affiliates, bloggers, and influencers with content to copy and paste. Where they display information also matters. Social media posts need to be short with engaging details. Blog posts tell more extensive stories.

Landing page info. Products worthy of a special landing page need well-massaged, short descriptions. Coupled with compelling design and typography, these descriptions (which can make or break a sale) should drive shoppers to click a call-to-action.

Videos that show products in use. Creating videos that show products in real life can trigger purchases. Use these for landing and product pages, as well as shareable content. Hosting videos on popular platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo puts your brand in front of more eyes. And both these services allow for product linking within the video.

Don’t Truncate

Some ecommerce platforms simply truncate product descriptions for use elsewhere. What’s left is a few short lines that don’t touch on the best-selling features.

A product page at the HP Store for a printer includes this truncated product description:

Get productive performance and photos that shine with powerful all-in-one capabilities. Produce authentic colors, and set up, connect, and print right from your mobile device.

That description, to be sure, is infused with appropriate keywords. But the bullet points listed to the right of the printer photo is more helpful to the average shopper. A catalog description that highlights mobile printing, scanning, and copying would yield a better response.

HP printer product page. Includes image, bullet points and paragraph text.

Lengthy text on product pages — such as this catalog product description for an HP printer — typically doesn’t list the most compelling details first. Source: HP.

Step Up

The pandemic has boosted ecommerce. Thousands of new online stores have opened. Existing merchants need to step up a notch. Generating product descriptions based on the channel and the audience can encourage people to visit your site. It can help retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

Uncategorized’s Mariam Naficy will join us at TechCrunch Early Stage

At Early Stage, the first event of its kind from TechCrunch, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in the tech world across categories like fundraising, scaling, operations and marketing. Alongside these VCs, lawyers, growth marketers, operators and recruiters, we'll also be hearing directly from entrepreneurs who have charted their own course.

One such entrepreneur is Mariam Naficy, founder and CEO of Minted. Naficy is an early trailblazer of the ecommerce and crowdsourcing spaces, and a serial entrepreneur to boot.

Minted started as a marketplace for unique paper stationary, all the way back in 2007. The vision was to build out a platform that crowdsourced incredible, unique design into a single marketplace, elevating beautiful products and amplifying independent designers. Today, Minted sells wall art, stationary and home goods, and also sources design for other retailers and brands.

Independent designers on the platform hail from all 50 states and more than 100 countries, and their products have made their way to more than 75 million homes worldwide. The company has raised nearly $300 million from investors Norwest Venture Partners, Benchmark, TCV, and Ridge Ventures.

At Early Stage, we'll talk to Naficy about how she's grown Minted over the years. From securing funding to using that funding, from scaling the community to scaling the team, everything is on the table.

Marketplaces are, historically speaking, incredibly hard to build, but Naficy is an expert on the subject. We'll talk specifically about how to maintain that perfect balance between customer and creator all while growing at a rapid clip.

TC Early Stage (July 21 and 22) has so much to offer. The show will bring together 50+ experts across startup core competencies, such as fundraising, operations, and marketing. Cyan Bannister is set to explain how to get an investor to say yes to your startup. Asher Abramson will be sharing how to create growth assets for paid channels, lawyers James Alonso and Adam Zagaris will share how to draw up your first contracts, and Priti Choksi is hosting a session on how to get a company acquired rather than selling.

The two-day show features more than 50 sessions, but don’t worry; attendees will get access to the videos on demand for all of them. What’s more, most of the speakers, who happen to be investors, are participating in TechCrunch’s CrunchMatch, our platform that connects founders to investors based on shared interests. 

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20 Top Selling Shops on Etsy

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods, including handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items and crafting supplies.

If you offer unique or homemade products, Etsy may be a helpful addition to your ecommerce site. And if you want to launch a creative item, Etsy may be the perfect marketplace to test the waters.

Here is a list of the top-selling shops on Etsy, along with the number of each shop’s sales and admirers. Etsy’s top sellers offer products to get organized, favors for celebrations, design patterns to build from, and supplies for making jewelry.

Top Etsy Sellers

Planner Kate, owned by Kate Antesberger in Oak Harbor, Ohio, is the top seller on Etsy. The shop sells colorful and cute supplies for printed schedule planners. The shop has 1,142,725 sale transactions and 51,882 admirers.

Planner Kate

Planner Kate

Bead Boat, from Dallas, Texas, is a jewelry supply shop with nearly 7,000 products, including gemstone beads, crystals, charms, gold-filled items, and finish jewelry. The shop has 692,197 sale transactions and 30,348 admirers.

ModParty is a shop for celebrations, such as bridesmaids’ gifts and favors, birthday parties, and baby showers. The shop has 665,270 transactions and 91,474 admirers.

Yakutum, from Istanbul, Turkey, has been on Etsy since 2008. It sells jewelry supplies, offering over 16,000 products and specializing in brass and gold-plated items. The shop has 664,301 sale transactions and 29,535 admirers.

Nicole de Bruin Charms is a shop for charms (small ornaments worn on a necklace or bracelet). It also offers custom engraved tags. The shop has 612,471 sales and 47,378 admirers.

Nicole de Bruin Charms

Nicole de Bruin Charms

CaitlynMinimalist offers customized and personalized minimalist jewelry. It sells name pieces — handwriting and meaningful quote jewelry from loved ones. The shop has 586,577 sale transactions and 150,243 admirers.

Cl Beads, from Yiwu, China, has been on Etsy since 2008. The shop sells jewelry supplies with over 3,000 items, mostly discounted. The shop has 559,534 sale transactions and 35,599 admirers.

PeggySueAlso Leather is a leather textile shop from Tacoma, Washington. It sells a wide assortment of graphic designs on leather, suede, and cork leather (the bark of the Cork Oak tree). The shop has 553,258 sale transactions and 22,413 admirers.

Yadanabeads, from Tracy, California, sells unique, soulful, and vintage-styled jewelry supplies, with nearly 6,000 beads and chains. The shop has 533,259 sales and 46,163 admirers.

Yummy Treasures, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is a bead shop that sells colorful, creative, and eclectic jewelry supplies — over 10,000 products. The shop has 477,537 sale transactions and 32,489 admirers.

Yummy Treasures

Yummy Treasures

GLDNxLayeredAndLong, from La Conner, Washington, sells handmade and personalized jewelry, custom disk necklaces, classic rings and pendants, and more. The shop has 472,600 sales and 196,875 admirers.

Prettygrafik Design is a gift shop that sells digital clipart, digital stamps, and digital papers. The shop has 468,763 sale transactions and 26,603 admirers.

CreatingUnkamen, on Etsy since 2009, sells unique, handmade jewelry and supplies, and grab bags. The shop has 469,392 sales and 58,204 admirers.

GoldSwan, from Anaheim, California, sells do-it-yourself craft and jewelry supplies, with nearly 3,000 products, including gemstones, glass stones, chains, earring components, metal pendants, and beads. The shop has 455,788 sales and 30,146 admirers.

King Jewelry Supplies, from Istanbul, Turkey, offers metal jewelry supplies, with over 11,000 products, including charms, beads, clasps, rings, and earrings. The shop has 452,412 sales and 29,851 admirers.

King Jewelry Supplies

King Jewelry Supplies

Happy Jewelry Supplies, from Hong Kong, sells jewelry supplies, including 2-dimensional brass charms, wooden charms, stainless steel charms, glass cabochons, leather pieces, and acetate acrylics. The shop has 449,116 sales and 31,686 admirers.

Think Pink Bows sells colorful bows and headbands for babies. It also sells a wide assortment of colorful face masks. The shop has 439,615 sale transactions and 82,866 admirers.

PrettyInPinkSupply, from Hesperia, California, sells colorful specialty craft supplies. It offers nearly 2,000 products, including fabric sheets, glitter, ribbon, felts, elastics, and paper flowers. The shop has 430,190 sales and 35,897 admirers.

DesignInYourHeart, from Seoul, South Korea, sells jewelry-making supplies, with more than 10,000 products. It features over 5,000 metal and stone charms. The shop has 426,490 sales and 17,227 admirers.

Beadsmaker, also from Seoul, South Korea, sells quality jewelry-making supplies. It offers more than 7,500 products, half of which are earring parts and pendants-connectors. The shop has 419,690 sale transactions and 26,777 admirers.




B2C Response Rates at SMBs Crushing Enterprises

A company's ability to answer customer questions and resolve problems has become as essential as product, quality, and price. When customers are ignored, or given the impression they are unimportant by slow response times, the consequences of lost business and a damaged reputation can be irreversible. A recent study found that many businesses fall short of providing timely customer service.


Advertisement Question

I have a B2B, we remove the background from product images. That is, our clients are traders who need more than 1,200 pictures processed every month. I want to run an add-campaign on Reddit, which subreddits do such traders attend?

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How did you learn to design clothes?

I'm currently planning on starting my own clothing line but I really have no idea how to do pattern designs on T-shirts and stuff like that. Is there a free source than I can use to learn how to design my clothes?

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A question about sourcing products from different Aliexpress/Alibaba suppliers (jewellery)

Hi all!

I'm creating a little jewellery store as a little side hustle – it's kind of a way for me to learn how to do this e-commerce thing selling an easy to sell good, before I one day move onto bigger projects. I'll pretty much be reselling products from Aliexpress.

My question: how does one reduce costs when purchasing off different suppliers off Aliexpress? I'm not dropshipping, so my warehouse will be my room.

E.g – 3 different suppliers respectively sell the rings, bracelets and necklaces I want to stock, so I'd have to pay the faster shipping fee three times, making it quite costly. Is there a strategy around this? Any information is good information!

Many thanks!


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Product Images / Videos

Hi all

Does anyone have the challenge of taking quality video and images of their products? My photography skills are shocking and I don’t have the time to learn while I operate all the other aspects of my eComm store….

Is there a service where you can send your products to. From there they will take XX number of professional images of your products, different angles, lighting, backgrounds etc….which you can use for your website, ads, social media etc?


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Moving from drop ship to wholesale

I really want a real clothing brand. Something simple, just tees and hoodies that support a good cause kind of thing. I just feel like drop shipping isn't working out. I want to have control over my inventory, packaging, etc., I want to be hands on and have my brand on my labels, packaging and everything. The only thing is this requires a lot of upfront cost and storage, unlike drop shipping.

Just as I was getting used to drop shipping, now I need to learn this. If anyone has tips please let me know!

All these drop shipping platforms either let you do private labeling, or cute packaging. Not both though. I really loved Printed Mint (the packaging looks amazing) but products have the manufacturer's name (bella+canvas, Gildan, etc.,)

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Google Sued for Tracking Chrome Users While Incognito

Google is dealing with a class-action claim for tracking individuals that utilized the Chrome web browser's Incognito setting. “Indeed, also when Google customers introduce a Web web browser with ‘personal surfing setting' turned on … Google however tracks the individuals' surfing information.”